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The SA Army Veterans Corps has celebrated 100 years of supporting veterans by embodying the motto “For others, not for themselves.”

The 100th Anniversary Conference was held in Cape Town more than 100 years after the first international conference of the post-war British veterans’ organization held at Cape Town City Hall in February 1921. Royal British Legion and British Legion Of federal veterans’ organizations, including Kenya.

And, despite many changes over the years, the corps continues to make a big difference between veterans and their families. Its original three missions remain the same. That is, to provide it to all members of the military community in need, to campaign for their benefit, and to remember and respect their service and sacrifice. An example of providing care, housing and employment for veterans is the work done by the SA Legion Memorial Chapel and Social Club in Soweto’s Duvet, run by the Soweto branch.

In a parliamentary speech, Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson of Cape Town said South Africans enjoyed at least one generation without major wars and conflicts, but important lessons for the future remain. .. He states: “How can we look back on what has been achieved and build it to face uncertainty, while looking back on the implications of serving, sacrificing, and building a better society for all our citizens? You can think of and future challenges. “

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that such an important anniversary was characterized by a significantly reduced celebration that did not bring complete justice to the international side of the organization. The original plan was to include as many as 80 foreign senior officials from the Commonwealth. Although not available in person, Sir Richards of Hurst Monshu, former Grand President of the Royal Commonwealth Service League, sent the following message to the Corps: NS. Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone and send warm wishes from all the countries of the league for the success of the 100th Anniversary Conference. “

In the UK, the Royal British Legion celebrated its 100th anniversary in May. Throughout the country, various organizations have held numerous events throughout the year to commemorate the opportunity.

The highlight of the British celebration was the Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey in London in early October, attended by Princess Royal, Princess Anne and Queen. The Queen is a patron of the Royal British Legion. The Royals honor, serve, and pay homage to those who have lost their lives on the job. Participating in this service was to serve military personnel, veterans, and their families in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries.

As many members turned to the future work of the old and frail SA Corps, Corps Charles Ross pointed out the recruitment of new members and questioned whether they had to be military veterans. Raised. He said this would be one of the issues that the new National Executive Committee elected in Cape Town would have to tackle.

SA Legion currently has about 1,000 members. By comparison, the Royal British Legion, one of Britain’s leading military charities and one of the largest membership organizations, has more than 450,000 members.

Ross looked back on the important events leading up to the 100th anniversary and said that these included many pilgrimages, especially the 2016 visit to Delville Wood, France. A 2017 service commemorating the sinking of SS Mendy involving members of the UK branch. The early role that the corps played in obtaining pensions for veterans of all races and in providing accommodation for veterans.

Important events in South African military history are regularly commemorated by the corps. The best known is Remembrance Day on November 11th.

Despite the changing times and challenges of the last 100 years, Legion has not stopped striving for unity, fairness and equal treatment for all veterans. This work draws praise from South Africa’s first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela. He states: “The South African Army’s acceptance of Umkhonto We Shizwe and APLA veterans as members puts the organization at the center of reconciliation and fosters a new South African patriotism.”

South African Army Celebrate 100 Years in Supporting Veterans-SABC News

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