South African Companies To Keep An Eye On Before 2021 Ends

For most people, South Africa is more about its beautiful natural ecosystem than its business ecosystem. That’s even though the country’s business ecosystem is still growing, with lots of companies worth investing in.

South Africa is also home to many startups, which indicates significant growth in the country’s entrepreneurial spirit. Here’s where to buy shares in South Africa if you’re looking to invest in the country’s business ecosystem.

Gold Fields Limited

Gold is among the few items that you can always expect to bring in a profit for investors. Gold Fields Limited has proven to be a force to reckon with, and the industry that doesn’t seem to get out of style effectively protects this gold-mining giant.

The shares of this company are expected to keep rising in value as gold’s price continues growing. Gold Fields Limited is also a high performer in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and a great investment choice for many as the price of gold grows even when the economy doesn’t.


A company that mainly focuses on the internet, Naspers has recently gained a reputation for its ambitious decisions and ability to respond to growth prospects quickly. Naspers has also achieved new highs thanks to its substantial investments in technology with a great emphasis on Fintech’s future.

Most investors trust Naspers as it’s a recognizable and highly valued company with strong future plans set to grow it even further. Naspers is also a favorite among investors and analysts from the institutional and retail sectors.

British American Tobacco

Although smoothing cigarettes and other tobacco products isn’t healthy, this sector is still growing. BAT stands out from the many tobacco companies in South Africa, providing rich chances for its investors. The company’s stock hasn’t tanked since its launch, making it an excellent investment option. BAT’s market proportion has increased steadily without slowing down over the last few years, making it among the best shares for investors to buy in the region.


Tesla is an excellent example of missed opportunities in the securities market. The electric car company first went public in 2010, garnering around $226 million and its shares trading for only $17 during its IPO. However, the share value has grown significantly over the years, reaching over $1,500 by the end of 2020.

The company’s growth represents a 9200% rise in a decade, making some investors wonder whether it’s too late to invest in the company. However, Tesla is at its infancy stage, as the company has only recently started to generate profits. That shows there’s still room to develop and remains among the finest stocks worth watching before the end of 2021.


If you’re looking to invest in a company that’s trustworthy, dependable, and well-liked by investors, Grindrod is your best bet. The freight company has been a favorite pick for local investors for many years, as it’s among the oldest publicly traded companies in the region. That’s all thanks to the company’s cash flow and high liquidity rate.

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