South African Mint flips the rhino coin

The South African Mint, a subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), has announced the launch of the third coin in the Big Five Series featuring the indomitable rhinoceros.

The rhino coin collection in the ‘Big Five Series’ follows the launch of the elephant and lion coin collection.

The South African Mint is responsible for striking all Rand coins for the SARB.

The Grand Provinces Series – which includes the buffalo, elephant, lion, rhinoceros and leopard – was launched in 2019, and features a variety of coins depicting the animals in metal.

The company launched the second series in 2021, which features a subtle design change on the side of the tire.

The Managing Director of the South African Mint, Honey Mamabolo said that the African rhinoceros appeared during the Miocene period, about 14.2 million years ago, and the different black and white rhino around 5 million years ago.

“The rhinoceros coins are particularly poignant because these animals give us a unique connection to our contemporary prehistoric past,” said Mamabolo.

Mamabolo said that the reverse of the Series II rhinoceros coins shows the head of the rhinoceros facing right, with only a little of the body showing and compared to Series l.

“The distinctive horns of the rhinoceros are the focus of the Series II coins, filling up more than half the surface – a poignant detail because the supposed medicinal qualities of its horn have led to the poaching that threatens the survival of this magnificent animal.”

The rhino coins are available in gold, silver and platinum in various configurations in new coin sizes as well.

The Big Five Series as the main collectible, Series II is adding luster to the brand by offering variations in design and format.

“The Big Five series is well underway to enter the iconic Krugerrand as showcases of Africa’s mineral wealth and wildlife, as well as the skills of its artisans and designers,” she said.

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South African Mint flips the rhino coin Source link South African Mint flips the rhino coin

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