South Africans can’t get enough dogs clinging to their owners

A photo of a Lawaaikamp dog clinging to its owner Mrs Maliso caused a social media frenzy earlier this April, after which fans intervened and can now raise a fair amount of money for a well-known pair. I did.

Unbreakable bond

A dog named Whiskey became viral after being photographed together before deciding to hand him over to SPCA because he and his owner Mariso had a hard time feeding both. I did. The photo has been played over 1 million times.

by Cape Town etc., Garden route SPCA George and hundreds of donors helped them get together. In addition, the donations helped other animal owners in the community and animals in the kennel.

Salome Brunes of Garden Route SPCA said the donation guarantees that the whiskey bowl will never be empty. “I would like to thank everyone who made a donation. I want to tell people all over the world that there are many cases like whiskey,” Brunes said. Bruyns also urged dog lovers to continue to support their local SPCA in their area.

After the story spread, SPCA suggested making sure that whiskey always had food and promised to do a health check. He finally removed the cyst from his back.

Whiskey and a dog named pure love

Brunes initially said that when Whiskey decided to give up on him, he stuck to his owner for his beloved life.

“There was only one way to explain it-pure love,” Brunes said. George Herald.. “Yes, we are animal welfare, but we also take great care of the people there. When we see the poverty that some of these people have to endure and go home at night I can’t just erase those images on. She obviously loved him and he loved her so I couldn’t rob his owner of whiskey so I’m whiskey I have decided to make it my mission to ensure the care of the animals, “says Bruyns.

South Africans can’t get enough dogs clinging to their owners

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