Spectacular Year for Expected Large Format Printer Sales, AM.CO.ZA Printers Take the Lead

A leading print industry market research firm forecast a strong year for total large format printer sales in the South African market, despite continued pressure on the economy from higher inflation figures, weaker exchange rates and continued uncertainty surrounding global Covid-19. pandemic.

The actual final figures for the large format printer market in the year 2021 will not be released until the middle of the first quarter of 2022, however, the projections give a reasonably accurate insight into the market situation and how the year take place. For clarity, large format includes all printer sizes over 64 inches or 150 cm in width.

There are currently 24 companies active in supplying large format printers to the South African market and the projections look at the sales volumes of all these companies based on actual model installation on a monthly basis and then extrapolate these figures until the end of the year.

A company stands out from all other suppliers with an expected lead of more than 25 units over its nearest competitor. Local wide-format printer brand AM.CO.ZA is expected to lead the race with a total of 153 printers installed in the local market by the end of the year, out of a projected total installed base of 683.

Spectacular Year for Expected Large Format Printer Sales, AM.CO.ZA Printers Take the Lead

As expected, many printers were supplied and installed by major international printer manufacturers. However, if we look at the total number of sales, it appears that an increasing number of companies are looking for suppliers that are not part of the big five manufacturers. The main reason for this is the cost. Availability is another important factor resulting directly from erratic supply chains due to global travel and transportation restriction. However, customers also demand industrial-grade productivity, operational ease of use, and affordability.

While cost and availability are obviously important factors, they are not the only things local customers base their buying decisions on. Other factors include readily available technical support and assistance, a steady supply of consumables, and value-added after-sales support. These are areas where AM.CO.ZA excels. Staff operational training is an industry standard, however very often additional training is required as this is usually a chargeable item with most suppliers. AM.CO.ZA offers all of its customers access to simple, easy-to-use, and accessible training videos that extend the initial training and extend to tips and tricks on how to maximize usage. of the machine once the operators have reached a higher level. level of expertise.

As an added value, customers who purchase the printers get free one-year access to a comprehensive library of designs they can use to start generating revenue while gaining experience and knowledge. expertise in using the printers they have purchased. .

Spectacular Year for Expected Large Format Printer Sales, AM.CO.ZA Printers Take the Lead

Another service provided by AM.CO.ZA is access to free updates for software and hardware as they become available. This ensures that customers consistently achieve the highest levels of productivity and therefore profitability when using the devices they purchase from the company.

One such example of this came in the form of an upgrade that was released this year allowing printers to switch from standard inks to premium hybrid UV inks that were developed and manufactured in the local market with a manufacturer of leading ink. This provides customers with the ability to expand their product offering using a single set of inks that can be used for both flexible and rigid substrates.

The inks are designed to offer the best of both worlds, flexibility with wear resistance on flexible substrates as well as durability and increased adhesion on rigid substrates. Additionally, the new range of inks require no pre-treatment or priming on most substrates, providing the customer with production cost savings that can be used to increase the profitability of each job or to reduce the price making these inks more expensive. -effective and attractive for end customers.

These inks are an example of how AM.CO.ZA is enhancing its customers’ capabilities to ensure they become and remain profitable using the printers they have purchased from the company. It is this unique approach to customer support that has been instrumental in AM.CO.ZA becoming the leading brand in the large format printing market, leading many customers to buy their second or even their third unit.

Spectacular Year for Expected Large Format Printer Sales, AM.CO.ZA Printers Take the Lead

Eric Yin, Managing Director and Founder of Advanced Machinery, the AM.CO.ZA brand company, said he was encouraged by the reputation the printers have earned in the local market. He added, “Our philosophy of supporting our customers and offering them additional services has helped them grow into profitable businesses with many people employed and this has enabled them to come back to us when they need to increase their capabilities. of production.

About the FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer:

The AM.CO.ZA brand has been present on the large format printer market since 2015. The new FastCOLOUR ONE printer has been on the SA market since October 2019. The FastCOLOUR One printer is a hybrid printer that has multiple functions. It performs both roll-to-roll printing and flatbed printing. For more information on FastCOLOUR large format printers, visit

About Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd:

The core company of the AM.CO.ZA brand, which is a leading provider of CNC cutting and large format printing solutions aimed primarily at industrial applications with a view to maximizing productivity, efficiency and profitability for our customers. Our products are designed to provide the highest levels of production capability to meet the needs of a range of customers from the small office market to industrial applications that require continuous large scale production. We believe in providing complete solutions. This means that all ancillary equipment is supplied as part of a complete solution ensuring that our customers know what they are getting and how much they will pay. Please visit for more products we sell.

Spectacular Year for Expected Large Format Printer Sales, AM.CO.ZA Printers Take the Lead

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