Squid game pandemic hits China

Although not available in China, Netflix’s global sensation, the squid game, is already gaining a lot of support domestically, and fans avoid strict internet controls to stream their shows and buy their unique outfits and other merchandise. I have it.

Censored squid game in China

Dystopia’s South Korean thriller has launched the most popular Netflix series to date, streaming giant said Tuesday, but passed Chinese censorship because of its cruel and violent content. Unlikely.

However, cities such as Shanghai, where crowds formed on Tuesday at restaurants selling dargona (a crispy sugar candy featured in one episode) where customers gather to take pictures on squid game-themed signs. So it’s already a hit.

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Squid Game Craze

“When I started watching, people were sending jokes related to the show in group chat,” a customer named Li told AFP.

“It’s pretty fast paced, so it’s very thrilling,” the video producer said of the series.

After buying the candy, Li and his friends filmed a challenge attempt from the show. There, the athlete tries to cut the shape without breaking the snack.

Squid games feature a group of the most limited and debt-bearing people in society who are forced to participate in a series of children’s games until all but one participant dies. is. The “winner” wins $ 38 million.

Halloween costume cover

As the show becomes an international hit, China’s agile makers compete to cultivate demand, and products such as bright pink uniforms and spooky masks worn by anonymous guards are a huge online shopping platform Taobao. Appeared on the net.

Vendor Peng Xiuyang told AFP that demand for squid gaming products boosted sales by about 30%.

To meet demand

He had never heard of the show when asked if a customer sold a mask last month. The mask is a black full-faced cover printed in squares, triangles, or circles.

But now, vendors like him and plastic makers in Yiwu’s eastern hub are all in a hurry to meet the demand from domestic and international buyers.

“Our customers are those who want to see the series and take part in the trend,” he added.

As Halloween approaches, masks with a tingling spine have become his most popular product.

Illegal distribution

As it is not officially available, Chinese viewers cannot find a way to watch the show, such as easily available unofficial streaming sites and file sharing.

The piracy issue is so widespread that South Korea’s ambassador to China, Chang Ha-sun, recently said he had asked Chinese authorities to take action in a parliamentary audit.

“In our assessment, the world-famous squid game is illegally distributed on about 60 sites in China,” Chan testified away from Beijing.

Chinese version

The hashtag “Squid Game” has been played nearly 2 billion times on social media and related topics have been trending for weeks as the show’s appeal swirls among Chinese tech-savvy youth.

Users discussed how to go through the challenges covered in the show and wondered what the Chinese version of the squid game would look like.

Fun fans

But one user said, “Even if we do such a show ourselves, it doesn’t pass censorship … if it’s too violent, it’s just withdrawn.”

For now, fans just want to have fun.

A customer named Yang in Shanghai said, “I’ve seen (snack) sold online, but it’s the first time I’ve actually found it.”

Beiyi Seow, Jessica Yang in Shanghai

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Squid game pandemic hits China

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