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Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen is calling for political stability on the Nelson Mandela Bay subway. in the coming water crisis. Nearly half of the city will experience dry faucets by mid-June if there is not enough rain in the catchment area of ​​the five supply dams.

Rain over the past weekend did not affect the current dam level and the current dam level is 12%. Steenhuisen was on the subway to assess the situation firsthand.

Subways are also struggling to curb high levels of consumption. The current daily water use is 290 megaliters and the target is 230 megaliters.

Steenhuisen says political instability is hampering efforts to deal with the crisis.

“There is a problem of political instability. Because of this responsibility, there is no MMC in charge of this particular portfolio, nor is there a managing director in charge of this portfolio. You are going into a war with no generals or leadership, and that’s just a bad thing, so I think the political infighting should stop. Nelson Mandela Bay needs the stability to get through this crisis more than anything else. The last thing needed in a crisis are parties brawling on the edge. This is an emergency and it is all practice decks.”

Delegates working to avoid dry faucets

The subway is a high-level delegation of prime ministers. Currently trying to avoid dry faucets.. Reducing consumption is key, says Joseph Tsatsire, the subway’s water distribution manager.

“We’re working with a team from the Treasury that you call the City Aid Program. They have been in the city for almost a year now and obviously one of the areas we are seeing is benchmarking with the City of Cape Town through this experience. Obviously try the lessons learned there and use the same lessons in our environment. We’ve actually learned to reduce consumption. Reducing consumption is actually one of the key areas pushing zero-days.”

Nelson Mandela Metro is working to control high levels of water consumption.

A plan to avoid zero days

Meanwhile, the Kouga municipal government, which will be affected if the dam is depleted, says it has plans to alleviate the crisis.

DA’s Tsitsi-Kouga constituency leader Retief Odendaal explains in detail.

“Kouga Municipality has spent more than R200 million on drought mitigation and water mitigation projects, many of which are already online. We also have 38 boreholes drilled, which are basically all online plus, and when Day 0 comes, we are busy building 60 water tanks where people can access emergency water allocations every day.”

The combined level of the five supply dams for the metro is currently 12.38%. We continue to urge residents to conserve water. reporter Yolanda Cambyle

Steenhuisen Calls for NMB Political Stability to Overcome Water Crisis – SABC News

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