Steve Hofmeyr under fire for Disney ‘wild’, the word LGBTQI +

African reader Steve Hofmeyr has come under fire from the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for his comments on the LGBTQI community as well as Disney’s efforts to make its content more inclusive of LGBTQI + content.

Depending on CitizenSAHRC said Hofmeyr’s statement violated the Equality Act and as a result could be challenged in the Equality Court.

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In a recently deleted Facebook video posted on Friday, April 1, Steve Hofmeyr criticized Disney’s efforts to make its content LGBTQI + inclusive.

Hofmeyr said, “When my generation learned to talk to mice, ducks and dogs, our children would be taught to have sex with mice, ducks and dogs.”

“Those relationships with animals are part of the ‘+’ at the end of LGBTQI +”.



According to The Citizen, the SAHRC made it clear that an unpaid company and Gqeberha denounced the hate speech of an Afrikaans singer as a human rights violation.

The commission has ruled that the statement, in describing the vulnerable sections of the public and criminals having sex with mice, ducks and dogs “could degrade and degrade LGBTQI + community members, thus affecting their equal rights and dignity as. determined in sections 9 and 10 of the Act. “

Because of the words of the 57-year-old singer, the SAHRC has given her the required letter.

“If the Commission’s requirements are not met, the Commission has the right to proceed to the Equality Court to provide appropriate assistance here,” the SAHRC explains.

Hofmeyr may be facing a civil service for his speech at the Central African Republic.

FOR LGBTQ + Launch Request

OUT, a Pretoria-based LGBTQI + group has started this request against Steve Hofmeyr apologizing for his statement through a public statement.

“Please sign this petition and tell Steve Hofmeyr that we refuse to be singled out, blinded and silenced,” part of the petition reads.

This request has already collected more than 1 000 signatures.

Steve Hofmeyr under fire for Disney ‘wild’, the word LGBTQI +

Source link Steve Hofmeyr under fire for Disney ‘wild’, the word LGBTQI +

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