Stop calling us criminals, we’re trying to fix Eskom

Public Enterprise Minister Pravin Gordhan has called on members of Parliament to stop referring to all ANC members as ‘thugs’.

He was responding to a debate on the country’s energy crisis in Parliament on Thursday.

“It is wrong to refer all members of the ANC as criminals,” said Gordhan.

“There are many honest, dedicated patriotic members in South Africa of the ANC, just as there are honest members of the DA, EFF, IFP and any other party.

“These are the honest people who want an honest government, who want the state to work for the people of this country, and who want corrupt people to succeed in orange uniforms.

“These are the people we should all work with to ensure that we leave a country behind for generations to come, that we as this generation can say that we are proud of them,” said Gordhan.

Eskom is not broken or dysfunctional

Gordon of South Africa has confirmed that Eskom is not on the way to failure.

“It simply came to our notice then Eskimo because ultimately the Eskimo we know today is not the Eskimo you would recognize in 10 years. It will be a completely different ecstasy, ”promised Gordhan.

He explained that if South Africa could generate an additional 4000-5000MW, it would create space for the kind of maintenance required by the older power plants.

“Let’s be honest, Eskom faces serious challenges, South Africa lacks energy security, although some of the problems have been addressed by previous boards and administrations, it is the ANC’s 2018 government that is solving it. Over time there will be energy security and that will change Eskom. ”

“We take responsibility for whatever has been done, but we will remedy whatever has been done with the time and effort we put in,” Gordhan told him.

Eskom has a clear plan for solving root causes, although it will take time.

“Like the community, we are also impatient and want to see results and end the loss of burden.

“The structural reform process will have far-reaching effects, even if it takes a long time to bear fruit,” Gordhan explained.

He said that while Eskom’s coal fleet is old and deteriorating in performance – it does not need to be reduced.

As for energy experts calling for the forthcoming energy shortage in 2007, Gordhan acknowledged that the government had not responded quickly enough.

He then reminded house delegates that the ruling party’s state arrest regime had ensured that Eskom’s competent officials were expelled from the power giant.

In addition, Eskom’s R400 billion debt burden increased the problem.

Gordan and Eskom were on the verge of alarming criticism from opposition parties who labeled the parastatal as a shameful failure, with several MPs demanding the removal of Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter and CEO Jan Oberholzer.

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Stop calling us criminals, we’re trying to fix Eskom Source link Stop calling us criminals, we’re trying to fix Eskom

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