Struggle to recruit staff for the ten most skilled jobs in South Africa

By Edward West 9 min ago

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CAPE TOWN – The XPATWEB 2020/21 Critical Skills Survey showed that 77% of organizations are struggling to recruit and acquire essential skills in South Africa for their local and cross-border operations.

“Another 76 percent confirmed that international research would help them achieve their business goals,” Xpatweb MD Marisa Jacobs said yesterday in a statement.

According to the latest survey, the top ten skills firms struggled to recruit include engineers (18 percent), ICT (13 percent); foreign language speakers (10 percent); media and marketing specialists (9 percent); artisans (8 percent); Senior managers (7%); senior financial executives (6 percent); health professions and related clinical sciences (5 percent); science (4 percent) and accounting (1 percent) professionals.

The number of companies reporting engineers as difficult to recruit rose from 16% to 18%, which could indicate that these skills were being lost due to brain drain as countries like Australia and the UK Uni compete directly with South Africa for qualified and experienced professionals.

The expansion of companies in Africa for special projects at the local level in the oil and gas sector has also attracted these skills.

Mechanical engineers (26%) were most in demand, followed by maintenance engineers (18%), chemical engineers (13%) and industrial engineers (14%).

Demand for ICT skills has remained high as 14% of companies, up from 15% in the 2019 survey, said they were struggling to find qualified professionals to drive their operational transition to the digital economy.

The most sought-after professionals were computer application developers (11%), data analysts (10%), data scientists (9%), software developers (9%) and software engineers (8%) .

The most in-demand managerial occupations were COO (24%), CFO (24%), CEO (19%) and CTO (19%).

“SA must compete more than ever with companies like the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom when reviewing its strategy for recruiting qualified professionals,” said Jacobs.

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Struggle to recruit staff for the ten most skilled jobs in South Africa

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