Sudan: Food is looted in Darfur, 730,000 people

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On Wednesday, the UN chief accused the plunder and attack on UN facilities, equipment and supplies donated to Sudanese authorities for civilians in El Fashir, Darfur.

Last Tuesday night, World Food Program (WFP). Warehouse Located in the Bolsa region of El Fasher Town, the capital of North Darfur, it was attacked by an unknown armed group.

Over 1,900 metric tons of groceries were stolen for the purpose of feeding 730,000 vulnerable people a month.

The incident followed last week with violence reported as looting in the former United Nations hybrid operation (African Union).UNAMID) El Faster’s base.

Restore order

In him statement, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres He called on the Sudanese government to restore order.

He emphasized that authorities must ensure that previous UNAMID assets and assets are used strictly for civilians. Framework contract The government signed in March.

The UN chief also urged Sudanese authorities to promote a safe working environment and passage for UN activities remaining in the region.

He concludes by thanking UN civilians and uniformed personnel who remain on the ground in “difficult” situations.

Humanitarian crisis

Sudanese Humanitarian Coordinator, Khardiata Lo N’diayeAlso accused of looting.

“This was food aid for Sudan’s most vulnerable people. Humanitarian aid should never be a target,” she emphasized.

Currently, one in three people in Sudan needs humanitarian assistance. That’s an estimated 14.3 million people.

by 2022 Humanitarian Response Plan, 25% of those people need food security and livelihood support.

The coordinator explained that such attacks significantly impede the ability to reach those who need them most.

“We urgently urge all parties to adhere to humanitarian principles and allow the safe provision of life-saving assistance,” N’diaye said.

WFP We are currently facing an “unprecedented” funding shortage estimated at $ 358 million.


At the beginning of the month, thousands of people went to the streets to commemorate the third anniversary of the uprising that led to the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir in April 2019, who had ruled for 30 years.

Demonstrators running for the presidential residence also protested the military coup in October, and a political agreement was signed on November 21.

United Nations officials and institutions Expressed Deep concerns at the time Reliable reports of serious human rights abuses, including the use of rape and gangbang in women and girls, Adopted to disperse protesters.

As of December 29, security conditions had recovered, state officials said.

N’diaye thanked the local government for preventing the situation from getting worse, but urged the government to step up efforts to protect and protect humanitarian facilities and property.

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Sudan: Food is looted in Darfur, 730,000 people

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