Sudan: MSF Takes Over Medical Activities at Al-Hashaba Transit Camp

At the end of December 2021, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an international emergency medical institution, handed over the rest of the medical activities at the Alhashaba Transit Camp (also known as Village 8) in Gedalev, Sudan to Premiere re Urgence Internationale.

Near the Ethiopian border, the Al-Hashaba Transit Camp welcomes thousands of refugees from Tigray. Originally used only as a transit camp, it has become semi-permanent and now houses about 3,000 refugees.

After the influx of refugees in early December 2020, MSF first began providing emergency care and support the Ministry of Health’s outpatient and inpatient departments, including: Therapeutic feeding, sexual and reproductive health and mental health services during hospitalization. In early June 2021, MSF opened a reception center in the camp to provide medical care for outpatients while ensuring water and sanitation services.

Earlier this year, MSF handed over some support activities for its reproductive health and nutrition program to Premiere reUrgence Internationale, along with its water and water and sanitation activities, and in collaboration with Premiere re Urgence Internationale to CARE International and Solidarite International. All remaining MSF medical activities were handed over to Premiere re Urgence Internationale by the end of 2021.

“The delivery of MSF medical activities at the Al-Hashaba Transit Camp does not mean the end of our activities in Gedalev,” said Joachimtish, Head of Mission for MSF in Sudan. “MSF continues to contribute to the people of the region, working at refugee camps in Umrakuba and Altanideva, and at the Ham Diet Transit Center, providing medical services to both Tigray refugees and the local Sudanese community.”

At Umrakuba and Altanideva camps, MSF medical staff operate clinics for childbirth, mental health services, immunization of children under 18 months, and to Tigre refugees and the local Sudanese community. We provide basic and specialized medical, outpatient and inpatient treatments such as malnutrition treatment. In addition, MSF operates an emergency water treatment plant to support water and sanitation facilities and provide refugees with clean drinking water. At the Ham Diet Transit Center, MSF provides health care, including mental health activities and nutrition screening, to both Tigrai refugees and the local Sudanese community.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

Sudan: MSF Takes Over Medical Activities at Al-Hashaba Transit Camp

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