Sudan: Refrain from “disproportionate use of force” against protesters

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The killings and injuries reported during peaceful demonstrations in Sudan are the cause of deep concern, said the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

OHCHR He also highlighted an alleged attack on hospitals and media offices on Thursday, during which rights activists were arrested.

“** I urge the authorities to refrain from using unnecessary and disproportionate forces **,” the Rights Department said in a tweet.

The protests have since held the 11th major demonstration in the country. October 25When the military first resigned, but then revived the prime minister in a coup d’etat and terminated the provisional private power sharing agreement.

Protesters are calling for the military to stop playing a role in government for a new democratic election, according to news reports.

According to witnesses, four people were shot dead by security forces during a demonstration near the capital Khartoum on Thursday, authorities used fire and tear gas on the crowd, and nearly 300 protesters were injured with dozens of police. did.

“Assault on Freedom of the Press”

Volker Perthes, Sudan’s Special Representative for the Secretary of the United Nations, described the incident as an “attack on press freedom” and tweeted that he was “deeply anxious” about the first report of the death of a civilian.

“We need a credible investigation into these violations,” he emphasized.

“** Everyone has the right to express himself peacefully. The media must report freely **.”

Increased death toll

According to a central committee of doctors in Sudan, police crackdowns on recent national protests have killed five people.

Security forces fired tear gas and stunned grenades as protesters marched through Khartoum and neighboring cities Omdurman and Bari toward the presidential residence, according to news reports.

A fifth person died after being struck by a tear gas container fired by security forces, and the overall death toll has reached 53 since the crackdown began in October, the Commission said on Friday. reported.

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Sudan: Refrain from “disproportionate use of force” against protesters

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