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Summer is around the corner and it’s a time when most people love to step out and show themselves off, whether it’s their body or fashion goals, but they feel it’s the perfect time to showcase their sense of style. Staying cool, calm, and in the midst of a summer heat wave can be a mission. Here are some summer beauty tips to keep you looking fresh and your best, even on the hottest and most humid days.

Get rid of the shine

How irritating is the film of sweat on the forehead? Avoid this obvious brilliance at all costs. In summer, it is better to switch to a foaming gel cleanser and a day cream with sunscreen. Also, don’t wet your entire face. Add a little color to the cheeks and just touch the powder on the “shiny” areas.

Skip the heavy makeup

Look fresher and brighter with light texture makeup. Use a light foundation or use lipstick instead of lip gloss. You can also invest in a primer. It’s a moisturizing cream that helps your makeup go on smoothly and helps it stay in place.

don’t pollute

Don’t let your makeup get dirty or run off in the heat. Try waterproof mascara and eyeliner for a perfect look.

Stay clean

The body spritzer doesn’t smell as strong and doesn’t last as long as your regular deodorant or perfume. It is mostly used for updating. A quick burst of perfume every now and then will help cool you down and keep you smelling fresh.

Avoid sweat stains

No one wants ugly sweat stains under their armpits while wearing their favorite summer clothes. You also don’t want that uncomfortable feeling of sweat dripping from your armpits. Make sure to get a heavy duty antiperspirant roll on to keep it dry and cool.

Say no to freckles and fusfus

Frequent heat styling can damage your hair cuticle to the point where your hair falls out and becomes a fuzzy party in humid and hot weather.

The cure is to increase the moisture content of the hair. Try a deep moisturizing hair mask once a week or leave in conditioner every time you wash your hair. Use a heat protectant serum on your hair before applying heat to it.

Remember, looking great no matter the weather requires confidence and don’t forget to smile.

Summer Beauty Advice – Entertainment SA

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