“Superman & Royce” Review: Man of Steel Flyes Back to CW’s “Smallville” Roots

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Talock “Supergirl” As a title character, there is a wrinkle that he is raising 14-year-old twins who do not know whether to follow the flying footprints of his father.

Named after their two paternal grandfathers, Jonathan (Jordan Elsas) and Jordan (Alexander Garfin) are as different as possible-the former seems to have the world laid out for him. A carefree jock, the latter is problematic and self-sufficient-doubt.

The dynamics of Kent’s family will be tested soon, but when Superman / Clark returns to Kansas and has to reconnect with high school flame Lana Lang (Emanuel Shriki of “Entourage”), she herself Married a teenage daughter (Inde Navarrette). Despite the boys’ sacrifice and the challenge of Royce’s career as a daily planet star reporter, nothing can be said that Clark found a reason to leave Metropolis.

Not surprisingly, there should be a shadow threat that has the power to try Superman. The motive will soon become apparent. There is also oily billionaire Morgan Edge (“Tyrant Adam Rayner”) for a drama that plays the role of traditional Lex Luthor. This is a companion who can give bad names to ruthless mogul.

With Marvel’s big foray into television (OK, streaming), DC seems to have realized the need to enhance the game a bit, starting with the first two episodes of “Superman & Royce” (a very long premiere). ) Is abundant and quite impressive special effects. It’s not “Man of Steel,” but the image of Superman floating in the sky is impressive, and you’ll notice that the show plans to treat the 84-year-old character with respect.

The disclaimer necessarily includes how well the producer (Greg Berlanti’s DC-Warner Bros. Factory, CNN’s sister WarnerMedia unit, Todd Helbing runs the show) can maintain the various plot threads. I will. On the plus side, Hawklin and Tarlock have nailed their iconic role, and young delegations are well cast as they add a “Dawson’s Creek” touch of teenage anxiety to the minutes. Looks like.

Superman and Batman remain the jewels of the crown DC stabilityAnd the history of the former non-uniform screen over the past few decades, from “Royce & Clark” in the 1990s to “Smallville” (signed off 10 years ago), this century’s solo theater revival effort “Superman Returns” And “Man of Steel”. .. “

Simply put, it’s a difficult character to understand correctly, and CW’s superhero drama isn’t always well-aged, even after its promising debut. Introducing domestic concerns in small towns of the “Friday Night Lights” type only adds weight to the already fairly heavy lifts.

However, based on the first impression, “Superman & Royce” faces the challenge. The question is whether things can be kept in the first flight path after a sophisticated lift-off.

“Superman & Royce” will premiere at CW on February 23rd at 8pm.

“Superman & Royce” Review: Man of Steel Flyes Back to CW’s “Smallville” Roots

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