Switch to inkjet technology and form a sustainable tomorrow

The ongoing demand for sustainable business defines and guides how companies operate.

Businesses are moving to greener, more environmentally efficient operations and printer manufacturers are no exception.

This is why more Epson customers are switching from heat-based printers to more energy-efficient, heat-free business inkjet printers, to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Turn down the heat

In 2021, Epson partnered with National Geographic to encourage companies to ‘Turn down the heat‘in the fight against climate change and raise awareness about how heat conservation minimizes humanity’s environmental impact.

To Do This, National Geographic Explorer’s, Dr. Katey Walter Anthony, published a video explain how heat destroys permafrost, which releases carbon dioxide or methane into the atmosphere.

The campaign highlighted the essential role of energy saving in the fight against global warming and how many technologies used in companies consume significant volumes of electricity daily.

Since conserving heat is one of the best ways to slow down the rate at which permafrost is depleted in the Arctic, companies looking to reduce their environmental impact may switch to low-energy technologies such as heat-free printers.

Heat-free printing is beneficial for businesses and the environment

Print technology has evolved over the years, with advanced inkjet technology transforming how organizations operate at an unusual pace.

Unlike traditional laser printers, heat-free business inkjet printers are faster, more cost-effective, and minimize the environmental impact of businesses.

For instance, Epson inkjet printers, with Heat-Free Technologysave up to 83% energy and significantly reduce the time and expense spent on administration, repair, ink loading and maintenance errors.

They allow companies to perform at their peak while reducing their carbon footprint.

The energy-saving design of Epson inkjet technology is made possible by the company Micro Piezo printing system.

This system offers companies several advantages over laser printers, including better quality output, more reliable printing, and laser-like quality with Epson’s most advanced PrecisionCore printhead technology.

A simple switch with key benefits

“The simplest change can have the most significant impact on a business.”

“Therefore, Epson’s range of business inkjet printers is focused on delivering an unparalleled triple benefit of reduced costs, increased productivity and improved sustainability,” said Roxanne Pierrus, Sales Manager for Business Printing at Epson South Africa.

“Thanks to this Heat-Free technology, our inkjet printers use fewer parts to replace than in a laser printer, they require less user intervention for increased productivity, and our printheads are not consumables,” she adds.

Therefore, switching from laser to inkjet printers is a suitable option for companies looking to save costs, operate more sustainably, create a productive business environment and adopt more innovative technology.

Find out more about Epson – the market leader in sustainable business inkjet printers – and its third generation EcoTank printer range

Switch to inkjet technology and form a sustainable tomorrow

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