Take the Koeberg power plant unit offline Eskom

Eskom will take Koeberg Nuclear Power Station Unit 2 offline on Monday, January 17, with regular refueling and maintenance outages for five months.

“This will be the 25th refueling outage in Unit 2 since the test run, and the three steam generators in the unit will also be replaced. Escom said in a statement during this outage, during the station’s operation. He said the head of the reactor pressure vessel containing nuclear fuel would also be replaced.

The Koeberg Unit 1 outage for a similar period will continue later in the year, during which time the Unit 1 steam generator will also be replaced. The reactor pressure vessel head was replaced a few years ago.

According to state-owned enterprises, each 920 MW Koeberg unit is the largest power generation unit on the African continent. “Koeberg’s outage is planned for a time when the impact on the overall power supply is minimized.

“The long-term unavailability of the unit due to a planned long-term outage means that the power supply system could be further strained during the next year.”

“This will be a long time, but it needed a stop. This is the first time for Koeberg. Our staff are ready and committed to make history by ensuring the success of this project. “We do,” said Reedewan Bacardien, Chief Nuclear Officer at Escom.

“Nuclear safety is the most important factor. We are enthusiastic about shutting down, making sure that nuclear safety and the safety of plants, personnel and the general public are our top priorities.”

Unlike other types of power plants that can add fuel and continue to generate electricity, nuclear power plant fuel is sealed in a reactor vessel that is opened for refueling every 15-18 months. Escom said.

“It’s also time for the station to perform certain necessary inspections of the equipment and perform more annoying maintenance that cannot be done if the unit is online,” he said.

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Take the Koeberg power plant unit offline Eskom

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