Taxi industry plans nationwide shutdown due to rising fuel prices – SABC News

The South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) says it has not yet decided to organize a nationwide shutdown to protest soaring fuel prices.

This comes after reports that the country’s two largest taxi associations – the National Taxi Alliance and Santaco – are lobbying the Cosatu union and other citizen groups to join a nationwide shutdown.

They say these increases have made the cost of living prohibitive and have taken a financial toll on commuters.

Bafana Magagula, Santaco’s chief strategic manager, says her national executive committee will decide how to proceed in the event of a possible closure.

“The National Executive Committee will still meet and consider the fuel increase issue and thereafter make a decision which will then be duly announced by the President of SANTACO for the country. No decision has been made at this time. We want to make it very clear to commuters, South Africans and everyone that there is no shutdown right now.”

The taxi industry is planning a nationwide shutdown due to rising fuel prices

Response to fuel price increase

Gasoline prices rose by R2.43 per liter last week, while diesel prices rose by just over R1 per liter. The wholesale price of luminous paraffin rose by 1.56 Rand per liter.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) say it’s just an indifferent government that won’t be ashamed to allow fuel to soar in a poverty-stricken country.

EFF spokeswoman Leigh-Ann Mathys said: “The EFF has reiterated that the ANC government has absolutely no interest in improving the lives of ordinary South Africans. They have no appreciation for the daily struggle we face every day to survive. Nor do they have any plan to improve the economy so that all South Africans can benefit, and our economy will remain as it is because the ANC is obsessed with neoliberal economic planning.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) is outraged, claiming that rising fuel prices hurt everyone, especially the poor. DA Shadow Secretary of Energy Kevin Mileham says they have been collecting signatures to repeal the general fuel levy.

Taxi industry plans nationwide shutdown due to rising fuel prices – SABC News

Source link Taxi industry plans nationwide shutdown due to rising fuel prices – SABC News

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