Tebogo responds to Ino Morolong’s defamatory statements

Tebogo Tobejane Finally answered Ino Morolong After naming it after him.

The star made the actor dirty because he blames a lot of things.

They were the best at one time, but for some reason they decided to separate and they were on each other’s throats for a while.

After the incident, Tebogo took to Instagram and preached about women who love each other and some of his followers agreed with him.

Speaking to TshisaLive, he called Ino a rapist whose bullying went so far as to affect his family.

He thinks some of the things he says people will easily believe because they were close friends. Ino seems to have lived in Tebogo’s house at some point.

He then went on to deny Ino’s claims: “This is not true. Everybody sees what I do. I always work. He is just trying to ruin my reputation. I have met a lot of rich men [but] It does not make me a prostitute. I think he does a lot for the likes. ”

Tebogo said he has a 16-year-old son who uses the internet and he sees these things and then bullying at school. She said: “I can bear it, but my son can not.”

All his attempts to speak to Ino in a civil manner failed because Tebogo claims that Ino insulted his friends.

“He walks to slander my character. He called all my friends, trying to ruin all my relationships. He is just a rapist. “

Ino topped the list of trends last week when she accused Tebogo of blessings, pimping and sleeping with a certain president.

“I do not sell the body, I sleep well at night … My daughter knows one of my exes. You call me an old breed, but you sleep with 20 guys, in fact, 20 is incomplete. “Some men you sleep with without protection and you are dirty,” he said.

“Some of these men will hit you in your house. No man has touched my house. You even stay with your child, but men meet in your house. Unprotected sex that you love, you die. You have the same set of friends, should I name a drop? I can mention the names of those men … all those Nigerians and the elderly. Do you remember who wore your first bracelet? You even had to quarrel with friends to get this bracelet.

“As for the president? What can you say when you had three bucks with your boyfriend and you said he was boring in bed?

He even accused her of making a substance: “You will drive your things crazy in front of my people. When I am your people you behave, but when you treat my people wrong. I beat you that day. “

Tebogo responds to Ino Morolong’s defamatory statements

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