Tech Exec could face jail time under revised UK online safety law

An anonymous reader cites ZDNet’s report. The proposed UK law would require the top management of a technology company to Imprisonment for failing to meet regulatory agency requirements. Laws in the form of online safety legislation introduction After nearly a year of consultation, it was submitted to Congress on Thursday. The UK government started working on a proposed law in May last year to impose a duty of care on social media platforms to help tech companies protect users from dangerous content such as disinformation and online abuse.

Under the proposed legislation, the management of the technology company could face prosecution or imprisonment for not cooperating with notices of information issued by Ofcom, the UK’s telecommunications regulator. The bill would give Ofcom the power to issue informational notices for the purpose of determining whether technology companies are performing online safety functions. A number of new crimes have been introduced into the legislation, including criminal liability for senior managers of in-scope companies destroying evidence, failing to attend or providing false information in interviews with Ofcom, or interfering with regulators entering company offices. was added to .

The bill also requires social media platforms, search engines, and other apps and websites where people can post their content, implementing a range of measures to protect children, combat illegal activity and comply with stated terms and conditions. ask you to do Among these measures are mandatory age checks for sites hosting pornography, criminalizing cyber flashing, and the demand for large-scale social media platforms that provide adults with the ability to automatically block people who do not verify their identity on the platform. There are things. If the proposed law passes, social media platforms will also have to step up their arbitration efforts, which will require platforms to quickly remove them if they are warned of the presence of paid fraudulent advertisements. The legislation also includes a requirement for social media platforms to moderate “legitimate but harmful” content, obliging large social media platforms to conduct risk assessments of this type of content. Platforms should also clearly establish how to handle such content on the service side and consistently enforce these terms.

Tech Exec could face jail time under revised UK online safety law

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