Tembisa complaint reaches four – SABC News

Ekurhuleni Metro Police have confirmed that two more bodies have been found in Tembisa, in Gauteng’s East Rand. The number of people who died due to the protests in the areato four.

Two more bodies were found on Monday afternoon near the customer care center, which is located in the Municipal office.

A number of Ekurhuleni City vehicles have been set on fire. The villagers are protesting more than electricity, water and municipal rates and taxes.

“We confirm that four deaths have been recorded in the Tembisa report. Both of them are from when we were doing our investigation at the CCC and we discovered two deaths. The first two, IPID is currently handling the case,” the person who EMPD spokesman Kelebogile Thepe said.

The community members continued as Ekurhuleni Mayor Tamia Campbell did not attend the meeting

Campbell says that what is happening in the country is due to political interference:

Meanwhile, the director of Tembisa Hospital, Dr. Ashley Mthunzi says they have scheduled some surgery. Mthunzi said that more than 100 workers could not prepare for work due to the ongoing protests in the area.

He says that patients have been greatly affected.

“Patients can’t collect medicine, there is a patient we transferred by air, who is going to deliver it, we will deliver the patient to Steve Biko. Those who do not really come out because of these protests, especially from and support which are cleaners, porters can’t come out because they live in the city. We will cancel two optional services related to orthopedics because our employees usually help hand in the same place, they are not.”

Tembisa complaint reaches four – SABC News

Source link Tembisa complaint reaches four – SABC News

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