Tembisa residents have mixed feelings about the mayor’s promise – SABC News

Tenbisa residents have mixed feelings. Promise of Ekuruleni Mayor Tania Campbell. Mayor visits town for days after violent protests took 4 lives Property estimated to be worth millions of rand has been destroyed.

This comes after Campbell missed a pitch for a planned community meeting last Friday.

Residents are, among other things, dissatisfied with the tax rate and the cost of the tax.

Addressing the residents of Tembisa at the Mehlareng Stadium, Campbell promised to address most of the concerns they raised.

“Let’s go straight to your notes. We’ve developed an aggressive debt recovery program to assist you as a resident with historical debt. On the date of application and approval, we will forgive you 50% of your debt in excess of one year. Fees, service charges, Includes interest and other expenses Please note that the problem of incorrect payment systems is being addressed We will also ensure that water, sanitation, rates and taxes are separate from electricity bills All residents eligible for subsidies under the poverty policy We are in the process of reviewing our policies so that we can receive support.”

Campbell said the scheme will be available to eligible residents from this month through March next year. The Tembissa Community Forum, however, welcomed Campbell’s speech with caution.

“On the part of the Tembisa Community Forum, we cannot say we are very happy, but we are happy with the decision they made. One of them is the fact that it separates electricity from the charge. In other words, if someone doesn’t pay the bill, the electricity doesn’t go out and we’re happy with it. Because it was some of the main issues of the protests. So it’s a step in the right direction. Remember, not everything can be sorted at the same time.”

Meanwhile, some residents denounced Campbell’s speech as pretentious.

“What she said about the policy, we still need to go back to the city council to review that policy. If they don’t agree there, they will fight alone in Congress without the public. Then they come to us and say it’s impossible. So there is no hope.” said one resident.

Campbell accused the arson of city property for taking a step back.

“The estimate is millions of dollars. It’s a huge loss to our city and community. And it gives us back because every little money we have to spend on rebuilding or repurchasing equipment could have been money we could have spent on servicing the residents. “

The customer care center was destroyed during the protest.

Tembisa residents have mixed feelings about the mayor’s promise – SABC News

Source link Tembisa residents have mixed feelings about the mayor’s promise – SABC News

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