The actor found out that Ramsay Hunt’s illness is a reflection of a horrible vision

The Bollywood actor who was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt’s illness – a condition acquired by Justin Bieber – has meditated on his horrific suffering.

Aishwarya Sakhuja – who was also the last Miss India in 2006 – has told the public that her face suddenly froze.

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‘My face is everything’

Telling people Time of India, Aishwarya revealed how she suddenly contracted Ramsay Hunt’s illness in 2014. Then, the actress in the TV series, the actress revealed how she discovered something “bad”.

He said: “We were running back and forth during the upcoming wedding. The next morning, when I went to brush my teeth, I found it difficult to hold water in my mouth. At the same time, I thought it was a struggle.

He continues: “When I got dressed and ready to go out, Pooja [her flatmate] found that something escaped. He asked me if I was OK because he thought my face didn’t look right. We had no mirrors in the bathroom, and since I was running so fast, I did not get a chance to really look at my face. Pooja insisted that something was wrong and insisted that I see a doctor. ”

Aishwarya reveals how she sought treatment for Ramsay Hunt’s illness. He remembers how the work had to go on, despite the bad experience.

He relates: “Somehow we managed to shoot a gun, and the next day I went to check on him. It has also been reported that Ramsay Hunt’s illness has affected me and that I have been prescribed steroids.

“I could not go on vacation one day since we did not have a bank for the event. So I kept on flying. The crew and the crew were very supportive, but they tried to escape on the road and will not see half of my face. ”

“That kind of steroid is very heavy and even worse is an emotional mess because as an actor, my face is everything.”

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Fortunately for Aishwarya, her Ramsay Hunt Syndrome was diagnosed quickly and could be cured effectively.

The actor showed that he can “fully recover” within a month. He is confident that Justin Bieber can too.

Earlier this month, the pop star revealed that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt’s illness after quitting his justice tour.

The 28-year-old revealed that the disease had affected her facial nerves and ears, causing what she hoped was a temporary paralysis. The star also told his supporters to “pray for him” to recover completely.

According to health experts, Ramsay Hunt’s disease can be treated with steroids or antibiotics. Statistics show that those who start treatment within three days have about 70% chance of complete recovery. The chances of recovery are greatly reduced if the icon is not released.

The actor found out that Ramsay Hunt’s illness is a reflection of a horrible vision

Source link The actor found out that Ramsay Hunt’s illness is a reflection of a horrible vision

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