The Alpha F1 team has set a summer deadline for 2021 car updates

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Alan Baldwin

Alfa Romeo will not develop a new F1 car after the summer to get the best shot in the 2022 step-up, technical director Janmon Shaw said on Monday.

With new rules wiped out and budget caps set next year, Swiss-based teams can’t afford to spend time and money on improvements that can result in a small reward in terms of points.

“There is a mountain to climb in 2022,” Monshaw told Reuters in a video interview after the red and white C41 cars were launched online at the Grand Theater in Warsaw, a venue that reflects Polish sponsor Oren. ..

“We have to build a perfect car under budget limits, and that’s a monster challenge for a company like us.”

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Next year is a real chance to reset the clock and return to the midfield after finishing 8th for the third consecutive year.

The current car is a close evolution of the 2020 car with some aerodynamic adjustments, but in 2022, larger 18-inch tires were also introduced into the equation, demonstrating a major shift in direction.

“The longer we spend 21 years (cars), the less resources we need to do a good job in 22 years,” said Monshaw.

He said he “carried an anchor” since 2017, when the team raced as Sauber and finished 10th overall, four seconds behind the pace.

“If you start a new era with such a deficit, it’s just a game over,” he said. “That is, we can’t miss that deadline in 2022. I think most teams think the same way.

“We will not provide updates after the summer. That’s clear.

“Some may be competing for the title. They may be willing to push (develop) longer because it’s a unique opportunity to become a champion, but we certainly don’t intend to.

“There is also a budget limit and it will stop earlier than the normal season.”


The Alpha F1 team has set a summer deadline for 2021 car updates

Source link The Alpha F1 team has set a summer deadline for 2021 car updates

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