The Boipatong massacre is still in its 30th anniversary – SABC News

It was 30 years ago on this day that about 40 people were killed in what went down in the annals of history like the Boipatong Massacre.

The assassination almost broke down CODESA talks with the African National Congress (ANC) leaving the talks after they accused the FW De Klerk government of being involved in the killings.

At the time, allegations of the attack in Boipatong were part of the South African Defense Force Operation Marion.

Anyway, the Boipatong massacre almost fell on deaf ears and many of the survivors, ten o’clock at night that day still remain in their memory as yesterday.

Thirty-three-year-old Mita Molete was only three years old when she saw her father dragged outside and shot several times.

The little boy was beaten in the head, an injury that kept him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Says Molete, “Before they attacked my mother, they first attacked my father and took him away because there was so much blood. Then someone approached my mother to attack her, and then they tried to attack my mother, who ran away to protect me. While he was defending, the white man attacked me with a machete, but he defended himself so that I did not die. At first he managed to defend but the second time, he managed to hit me in the head. ”


Mariah Mosoetsa was 14 years old at the time and her family was also insecure. She lost her brother and uncle, and that night they all mourned the loss of her mother.

Mosoetsa says, “After going to bed about 10, hippo [South African police armoured vehicle] stopped in the street after that, we heard the sound of broken windows, and we heard them say usuthu – usthu, maak oop die deur, where Mandela’s dog was. My pregnant sister and I hid under the bed, and my brother and uncle slept soundly at the time. They were great in my bed underneath. I moved a little, and they searched around the house. Whites covered their faces with black ashes, others in Zulu robes. “

But even today, he continues to struggle to cope with the wounds of the disaster.

“It still bothers me, because Boipatong is the reason why the CODESA negotiations stopped, but for us so far, we still have traumas, it is history and talking to you now, I still well remembering the sound of that night, I did not receive. Advice, others still had injuries that night.

At the time, the racist government called the killings an act of black violence, but for the victims, it was a subversive act of racism.

It is suspected that these attacks are aimed at undermining the complex dialogue process that is required to pave the way for democracy.

At the negotiating table was the National Party under FW De Klerk and the ANC led by Nelson Mandela among others.

Crime against man

Two years ago, South African racist Prime Minister De Klerk opened the door by saying that racism is not a crime against humanity as declared by the United Nations, but he later took up his mind, despite outrage. has already begun.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema in parliament said De Klerk was a murderer, and that he had blood on his hands and that Boipatong people were turning in their graves.

Even today, Boipatong’s assassination remains a major struggle for democracy in South Africa and will forever be on the minds of many South Africans as a painful struggle for independence. .

VIDIO: [Graphic content] A day in history – Boipatong Massacre | June 17, 1992

The Boipatong massacre is still in its 30th anniversary – SABC News

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