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The Cape Town schoolboy was delayed in a “gang battle”.

  • A Cape Town student was delayed in front of a school on Friday.
  • The education department suspects the brawl is due to gang rivalry.
  • The pupil is stably in the hospital and the police are watching the school.

A student was delayed in front of Heathfield High School in Cape Town on Friday.

Colin Davids, the school’s principal, said he didn’t see what happened, but can confirm that ambulances took the pupil to hospital.

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) spokesman Bronagh Hammond said a quarrel broke out between students and non-students on Friday.

“He’s supposed to be among rival gangs,” Hammond said.

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The pupil has been taken to hospital and is in stable condition and recovering.

“The alleged offender [allegedly another pupil] they were detained, ”he said, adding that disciplinary proceedings had been instituted against the pupils concerned.

Police were called to the scene to monitor the situation at the school.

Captain Frederick van Wyk, a police spokesman, said police had received a report that a 19-year-old student had been delayed and an 17-year-old student had been attacked at a school in Steeenberg.

Police are investigating a report of grievous bodily harm and bodily harm.

The school went through a rough situation after its former principal, Wesley Neumann, was subject to disciplinary action for his statements after deciding it was unsafe for children to return to school during the heightened stages of the Covid shortage.

He was eventually told to be demoted and relocated. Instead, he decided to leave. Calls for the WCED to reinstate Neumann have multiplied.

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The Cape Town schoolboy was delayed in a “gang battle”.

Source link The Cape Town schoolboy was delayed in a “gang battle”.

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