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The Cape Winelands school was hit hard by the resurrection of West Cape Covid-19

  • Seven schools in Cape Winelands reported a case of Covid-19 last week.
  • The Stellenbosch school sent home students after eight staff and students tested positive.
  • The state witnessed a resurgence of the incident last week.

Stellenbosch High School is the latest to send students home after seven schools have reported cases of Covid-19 in Cape Winelands this week.

Bronachmond, a spokesperson for the Western Cape Department of Education (WCED), said Stellenbosch High School switched to online classes this week after some students and teachers tested positive at the hostel.

The incident followed the death of a hostel worker last week.

“It was decided to switch to online lessons after some learners and educators tested positive for Covid-19 at the hostel. The hostel learners were quarantined last week and returned home over the weekend.” Hammond said.

“Since the majority of the school’s learner population is hostel residents, school management found it more realistic to offer online lessons to all learners this week.”

Hammond emphasized that all educators and staff were in the school and the school was not officially closed.

A total of eight cases were recorded at school, five of which lived in hostels.

However, Stellenbosch High School is not the only one affected by the surge in Covid-19 cases.

“WCED decontaminated seven schools last week. Some schools need cleaning, so not all schools will be closed. All cases occurred in Cape Winelands,” Hammond said. He added.

Last week, health officials in the Western Cape showed that the state showed a 50% increase in cases weekly, and that the state Enter the resurrection stage..

Prefecture I wasn’t in the third wave yet..

The increase in cases seems to be concentrated in Cape Town Metro and Cape Winelands.

As of Monday, Cape Winelands showed a 28% increase when using the 7-day moving average, according to the state’s Covid-19 dashboard.

Stellenbosch had 189 active cases and Drankenstein had 136 active cases. There were 82 active cases in Breede Valley. As of Monday, there were 3005 active cases across the state, according to the Western Cape Health Department’s Covid-19 dashboard.

All schools (except Stellenbosch High School) reported one positive case in their school.

“WCED points out that requests from schools in Cape Winelands have increased over the past week. We are in talks with the Ministry of Health. Schools will continue to follow Covid-19 protocols and guidelines. We are closely monitoring the situation, “she added.

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The Cape Winelands school was hit hard by the resurrection of West Cape Covid-19

Source link The Cape Winelands school was hit hard by the resurrection of West Cape Covid-19

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