The history of football betting – how did it all begin? How did sports betting originate and when did it become as popular as they are today? How long have online betting portals been around? With these questions, many sports bettors, even long-standing ones, come to a standstill. Most of them don’t even know how the history of sports betting started.

In the 18th century, the first horse races took place in England. These events, of course, had to be financed. This was done in the form of betting on the outcome of the horse races. It was not until many years later, around 1921, that soccer betting was born. The pioneer in this case was also England. Sweden also became a follower. In 1934, a state-owned company was founded there. The amounts paid in were not retained there, but half paid out again to the players.


Today’s development of sports betting is much better than you think. In contrast to those days, sports today are much more interesting. This means you can bet on anything you can imagine. From the outcome of a tournament or but also on the exact final results remain with the sports bettor simply no more wishes open. In addition, sports have developed very well. Even exotic sports, such as water polo, among others, leave a lasting impression on many players.

Accordingly, development has increased rapidly in modern times. New betting options and sports are constantly being added, where bookmakers can provide plenty of variety. Even the selection of providers is just great so that all sports bettors and even beginners get their money’s worth. Thanks to the horse racing of the time and the legal betting shops in England, Germany can only benefit from the first-class offer in the field. The feeling of competition at home and especially the exciting live betting is exactly what sports bettors want. With passion and fun, they want to earn money with their own sports bets. This is possible in any case.


In conclusion, sports betting is one of the most popular activities of today. The development of bookmakers alone has grown rapidly at the moment. is one of the betting providers, which offers different odds and betting programs for players all over the world.

They try to make their betting program as varied as possible. After all, the online betting portals want to offer their players significantly more winning opportunities, so there is enough variety there. Due to the history of sports betting, a decades-long development can be lived through. Sports betting will continue to be more popular than ever in the years to come and will probably undergo constant development. All players can experience this and follow it live. Sports betting has been fun from the very beginning. After all, otherwise, they would not have gone through such good development, as in recent years. A long history ensures great popularity among all players and accordingly more online betting portals with attractive bonuses promotions.


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