The Kremlin said President Ramaphosa and Putin had a phone call.

The Kremlin confirmed the phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The call is said to have been initiated by a South African leader who discussed various issues, including the current conflict with Ukraine. Putin said he informed President Ramaphosa of ongoing dialogue with Ukrainian authorities to resolve the war.

The Kremlin said the basis of the summit was to strengthen relations between the two countries to mark the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties. The talks reaffirmed the commitments of the two countries to advance cooperation regarding trade and COVID-19 recovery programs.

Regarding the war, Putin reassured President Ramaphosa that Russia would protect the Donbas region of Ukraine controlled by a separatist group allied with Moscow.

Meanwhile, the government is divided in the message about war. Some, such as International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor, condemned the war, while others said: President Mondley Gonggubele is taking a more neutral stance.

When the Russian invasion took place two weeks ago, President Ramaphosa said the dispute should be resolved through peaceful engagement.

On Monday, President Ramaphosa explained why. South Africa, abstain Last week’s UN resolution was a resolution on escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In a weekly letter, Ramaphosa said he did not support or oppose the resolution because Pretoria did not demand meaningful participation to end the conflict.

The president said that many African countries have used dialogue to end apartheid and conflict, arguing that continuing to support calls for negotiations and dialogue does not undermine the state’s commitment to human rights.

South Africa has been criticized for abstaining from a UN resolution calling for Russia, a BRICS ally, to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

was in the middle 17 African countries that waiver.

The Kremlin said President Ramaphosa and Putin had a phone call.

Source link The Kremlin said President Ramaphosa and Putin had a phone call.

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