The most bizarre effects of a mega drought

“The western and southwestern United States is wilting with the biggest drought in 1,200 years,” Gizmodo said.

“But as the Western dry spell continues, The more bizarre the stories about drought, the more.” Some examples?

A long sunken history and even evidence of past crimes are emerging from the receding waters. first, barrel containing A corpse appeared in Lake Mead. less than a week later, separate ashes surfacing. other places where droughts occur, similar story appears. As the drought progressed, the police again Human remains and other lost items are likely to continue to appear.
And last month, The New York Times reported that Utah’s Great Salt Lake had already reduced by two-thirds, and now we are facing an “environmental nuclear bomb”. Now, Gizmodo reports that state legislators are “considering a really crazy idea to keep water bodies going.”

Utah Congressman An idea for a pipeline came to mind. From the Pacific to landlocked countries at the May meeting. Senator David Hinkins(R), co-chair of the committee, said, “There is a lot of water in the ocean and little water in the Great Salt Lake. said in conference.

The Pacific Ocean is at least about 966 km long. [600 miles] Mountains far from the Great Salt Lake. However, experts have previously reported that Gizmodo had the idea of ​​a pipeline. it wasn’t There is absolutely nothing surprising or questionable. The brine lake supports many Utah industries, including tourism, brine shrimp harvesting, and mineral extraction. Therefore, there is a strong financial incentive for the state to conserve the lake.

The most bizarre effects of a mega drought

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