The Norwegian Refugee Council has been lifted in Ethiopia

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The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has been notified by Ethiopian authorities that the five-month suspension of humanitarian aid has been lifted.

The Civil Society Organization (ACSO) ordered a suspension at the end of July because of NRC’s advocacy for national humanitarian needs and access, and many administrative issues related to the organization’s activities. The ACSO board extended the suspension at the end of October and asked further questions. The NRC provided complete and prompt answers and explanations for all allegations and questions made throughout the process. The board lifted the suspension on 31 December and cleared the organization for most of the allegations filed. It issued a “strict warning” to the organization, citing NRC advocacy and two administrative issues.

“We are reassured that the suspension of our humanitarian activities has been lifted for hundreds of thousands of people in great need,” said NRC Secretary-General Jan.・ Egeland said.

“We look forward to resuming years of humanitarian work for Ethiopian refugees and those displaced by conflicts and disasters. Resuming business for those in great need. Because of our talented and dedicated Ethiopian and international staff, we urgently need the same basic business freedom that we enjoy elsewhere in the world. We look forward to updating our dialogue with you and seek the urgently needed permits, visas and green lights needed to properly resume work and provide assistance where you need it.

“It’s sad that we couldn’t reach our goal of serving more than 500,000 needy people across Ethiopia in 2021. Now that we have to reopen, we’re back to as many people as before. It takes time to reach. Suspension. We have lost a lot of staff and international staff need urgent permission to return and need to be able to pay the supplier.

“Our commitment remains to serve Ethiopian refugees and internally displaced persons. We are local, national and international to provide assistance and protection in accordance with international humanitarian law and principles. We will continue to work with our partners, “said Egeland.

Distributed by the APO Group on behalf of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The Norwegian Refugee Council has been lifted in Ethiopia

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