The Queen has a new job description, here’s what her duties entail

Queen Elizabeth II’s royal duties have been rewritten since her platinum jubilee.

This change allows the Queen to take on fewer responsibilities and obligations that she has to fulfill and focus on the support she now receives from other senior members of the Royal Family.

According to the Sovereign Grant Report, the Queen’s role still includes two main elements, that of head of state and head of nation.

Previously, the former constitutional concept of a head of state consisted of a 13-point list of duties that the Queen had to carry out, including opening parliament for state, paying and receiving state visits and appointing the prime minister.

Now Queen Elizabeth II’s role “encompasses a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties”, noting that all she needs to do is receive other visiting heads of state.

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As for his role as head of nation, it will be carried out “where appropriate or necessary” and focuses on inspiring unity and national identity, continuity and stability, and recognizing the achievements of others and providing support for the service.

“The queen is greatly assisted by the other members Royal Family who perform official duties on behalf of His Majesty,” the documents state.

A palace source said the Queen’s new job description and duties are not a drastic change but a minor upgrade.

The 96-year-old monarch stopped visiting abroad in 2015, and since then her engagement program has been replaced by periodic visits to royal programs.

Earlier this year, Prince Charles and his son Prince William attended the State Opening of Parliament on behalf of the Queen, and Prince Charles has made frequent overseas engagements with his wife Camilla on behalf of their mothers.

* Compiled Lerato Maymela.

The Queen has a new job description, here’s what her duties entail

Source link The Queen has a new job description, here’s what her duties entail

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