The serial fag that caused the death receives five years in prison

18-year-old Tennessee who helped trigger a fraudulent distress call to police that resulted in the death of a 60-year-old grandfather in 2020 was sentenced to 60 months in prison today. Krebs on security reports: Shane Sonderman, of Lauderdale County, Tennessee, admitted to conspiring with a group of criminals who have been “crushing” and harassing people for months in an attempt to coerce targets to give up their precious Twitter and Instagram usernames . At Sonderman’s sentencing hearing today, prosecutors told the court that the accused and his co-conspirators will text and call the targets and their families, post their personal information online, and post their personal information online. would send pizza and other food deliveries as a harassment technique.

Other victims in the group told prosecutors that their tormentors further harassed them by making false reports of child abuse to local social services in the target area, and false reports on behalf of the target to phone lines. local suicide prevention programs. Eventually, when the subjects of their harassment refused to sell or give up their Twitter and Instagram usernames, Sonderman and others crushed their targets – or made a false report to authorities on behalf of the target with the intention of ” send a heavily armed police response to that person’s address. […]

Sonderman might have had the right to reduce his sentence by a few months if he had cooperated with investigators and refrained from committing other crimes while on bail. But prosecutors said shortly after his release, Sonderman went back to doing what he was doing when he got caught. Investigators who subpoenaed his online communications discovered that he logged into the “FreeTheSoldiers” Instagram account, which was known to have been used by the group to harass people for their social media credentials. Sonderman was quickly re-arrested for violating his release conditions, and prosecutors released to court today a recording of a phone call Sonderman made from prison in which he brags to a knowledge of having wiped down his cell phone two days before investigators served. another search warrant at his home. “While it may seem inadequate, the law is the law,” Justice Norris said after giving Sonderman the maximum sentence permitted by law under the law. “The harm he caused, death and destruction… it’s almost indescribable. It’s not like the cases we frequently have that involve guns, carjackings and drugs. C ‘is a whole different level of insidious criminal behavior here. “

The serial fag that caused the death receives five years in prison

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