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“The transfer of Life Esidimeni’s patience was hampered by poor leadership,” SABC News reported

Transfer of mental health patients a Life Esidimeni facilities in June 2016 worsened by poor management of patient records. This was the testimony of Professor Abel Pienaar, a mental health expert at the Life Esidimen trial at the Pretoria Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Pienaar, a nurse lecturer who has been specializing in mental health care for more than 20 years, said during the study that some patients had a dual diagnosis of diabetes and stroke during the transfer period, but this information was not recorded in their transfer files.

144 patients died of starvation, dehydration and neglect while and after being transferred from Life Esidimeni to ill-equipped and unregistered NGOs.

The Gauteng Ministry of Health closed Life Esidimen facilities in June 2016 citing financial constraints. This has led to the relocation of more than 2,000 mental health patients.

According to Professor Abel Pienaar, patient data was not properly recorded on the transfer forms. He says this violates the nursing law.

“I brought forward the Nursing Act and professional conduct, as well as subsequent regulations related to it. And I’ve been teaching nursing for the past 22 years. That is a principle. And every healthcare professional should record what they do, otherwise it won’t happen. It may be a semantic issue, but as a safe healthcare professional, this is the principle we stick to, ”says Pienaar.

Pienaar said during the study that omitting critical information from patients ’files indicates a lack of appropriate care and disregard for caregivers.

“What I see in the note is what condition the mental health care user has been put in. Some help may be needed, but this is not a thorough assessment. So in my case, if you ask where this report came from, I would say there is no medical history and many of the patients ’problems are not very clear either. He writes that there is no physical examination. All he says is that the patient needs to continue caring, but he doesn’t say what needs to be cared for, ”says Pienaar.

His evidence was received with fierce protest from one of the legal representatives, lawyer Harry van Bergen.

He questioned the interpretation of the situation before and during the transfer of patients.

Pienaar’s evidence prompted President Mmonoa Teffo to intervene quickly.

“You have been specifically asked what the source of this statement is. No, if it wasn’t recorded, it didn’t happen, and you said it was a decree. That’s wrong. “

Judge Teffo says, “I see this is a raised hand, Mr. Luyt. Mr. Luyt: I see my learned friend trying to argue with the witness, and I mean, arguing for about twenty minutes, if you want, you can do this out of the proceedings because now this court isn’t going anywhere.

The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether someone could be prosecuted for the death of a mentally ill person.

The investigation investigates the deaths of 144 psychiatric patients:

“The transfer of Life Esidimeni’s patience was hampered by poor leadership,” SABC News reported

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