The United States Supports Five Female Entrepreneurs in Business Development

Through the US African Development Foundation, the United States has awarded five Benin Women Entrepreneurs Academy (AWE) participants $ 10,000 in seed money to grow their business. US Ambassador to the United States Patricia Mahoney and USDF Representative of Eric Newman presided over the award ceremony at the US Embassy on December 22, 2021.

Ambassador Mahony praised the women, saying: You are an example of entrepreneurship and female leadership that others can follow. AWE programs exist to help women like you develop your abilities and change your community. I am proud of you and I think your country is also proud of your achievements. “

The seed fund winners are:
Ashiba Carine Bokobo – Mr. Bokobo was established Ashibafe To combat malnutrition in infants through Moringa-based products. She was inspired by her experience of using Moringa to increase milk production after giving birth to her first child.

Mè démè Elisabeth Ahouandjinou – Ahouandjinou, an orphan and the eldest son of a family of four, began selling palm nuts in 2014. Recognizing the strong demand for palm oil for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, she founded. Jardin D’Afrique, Produces palm oil for local use in Benin and exports it to Nigeria.

Conscience de Dieu Agassoussi – Ms.Agassoussi was founded INAPEC In 2016, we will offer healthy snacks with an African taste. Their products include a variety of nuts, minced coconuts and blow rice.

Marlene Kinji – Created by Kinji Bademe Natural Foods We offer healthy snacks based on dried vegetables and spices.

Beata K Adnon – Adnon, who holds a master’s degree in nutrition and food technology, worked on a horticultural farm and learned how to make natural and herbal teas using aromatic plants.Recognizing the health benefits of these teas, she founded Harmonics..

The Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is a US Government initiative founded in 2019 to support and empower female entrepreneurs around the world. Through an inclusive learning community, women around the world have the opportunity to explore the basics of business, such as business planning and financing, with the goal of building a better future for families and communities. In Benin, AWE is conducted by the African Entrepreneurship Program Benin Branch (AWEP-Benin), an association of female entrepreneurs who are graduates of the American Entrepreneurship Program. To date, more than 240 Benin women have completed the AWE DreamBuilder curriculum developed in collaboration with the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

Ambassadedes Etats-Distributed by the APO Group on behalf of Unisprès le Bénin.

The United States Supports Five Female Entrepreneurs in Business Development

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