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With three sides of South Africa in search of replay spots in the last three rounds of the United Rugby Championship round – action, one of the northern hemisphere star’s executives over the last decade has said that their play is high intensity rather than pressure for rugby. extensive play. what will bring success to the Stormers, Sharks and Bulls.

Jim Hamilton is currently a pundit for Premier Sports but has played 63 games for Scotland and was a second-tier star for teams such as Leicester, Gloucester and Saracens. And he’s a big fan of South African rugby.

“I always tell any team, if you are struggling to move on, go and get some South Africans,” Hamilton said at a URC media briefing on Monday. “South Africans are recognized as the best players in the world.

“I was amazed at how much rugby the South African teams played: they go wide from their own half, or straight from a scrum. But European teams still dominate the charge in terms of stats for trial scored, carries and striking defenders. So why not play handball against South Africa?

“Well it’s hard to play in those conditions (in South Africa), they certainly have an effect, that height hits you like a brick wall. I saw guys who were completely bollocked with hands on their knees.

“But the game is now so percentage driven and when the South African teams come over to Europe and decide not to play like they do in the Currie Cup, but more like their national team, focusing more on territory and playing in the right areas. , then they will become extremely dangerous, ”Hamilton said.

‘Strong, hard’

The former Scotland leader has admitted he was frustrated by the poor start of the URC by South African teams, but now that they are back on the home turf, they are obsolete.

“The South African players are the whole package – strong, the humility they give, and they are tough; everything around them is just rugby. If I were my coach, I would look for players there. There is no doubt that all of them have been extremely successful in Europe.

“But the teams in South Africa were a little disappointed at first. We all said how positive their inclusion was (in the URC), but then it was not what we thought it would be. But much of it has to do with the changes Covid has brought.

“They were definitely struggling around the referees here and their interpretations, it felt like they were playing for the sake of the game. I don’t think they got a fair shot then and it was always going to take them a while to get into the tournament.

“But now their results speak for themselves, now that they are fully loaded and the competition is real. Don’t judge them again this year, but now we have seen the URC works, ”said Hamilton.

‘They’re the whole package’ – The Citizen Source link ‘They’re the whole package’ – The Citizen

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