ThickLeeyonce weighs in on SA only having luxury influencers

Along Jamal Groot Boom 12 minutes ago

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The ongoing discussion of luxury influencers in Muzansi reignited Thursday, with Thick Leeyonce joining.

Twitter user @Nyambose_N rekindled the debate after asking where more friendly people are, saying that South Africa has mostly gorgeous influencers.

“Our influencers are gorgeous and expensive. They are influenced by cute entry-level salaries. Affordable furniture makes the house cute and there is a key to an apartment without LV bags. This is what makes us poor. Country? “She asked.

Posts were unacceptable as various content creators uncovered the myth that there are only luxury influencers in the country.

Thick Leeyonce weighs in and states: “Everyone follows the same 10 people and says … Literally, there are many local influencers who don’t do extravagant content, but they don’t all show the same love.”

Cosmetology influencer Foyin Ogunrombi posted that the simplest answer is not to obey them.

She added that she follows many non-luxury influencers and said that it is the individual’s responsibility to curate the social media experience.

“Cure what you want to see, rather than go online and say you’re not there.

“Follow macro influencers and look for the content you need, rather than complaining about what they posted. Take ownership of your own social media experience,” said the creator of “7days 7faces.” Said.

She edited threads for non-luxury influencers in various categories.

Other users have shared their thoughts with many who share the same feelings.

ThickLeeyonce weighs in on SA only having luxury influencers Source link ThickLeeyonce weighs in on SA only having luxury influencers

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