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This bakery sold muffins to school kids – now Pick n Pay wants their snowball cake


  • Bakers Creationz is a Durban bakery business that started by selling muffins to school kids.
  • The bakery currently supplies vanilla, chocolate and raspberry snowball cakes to Pick n Pay in Durban and will supply them to retailers throughout South Africa later this year.
  • It supplies other sweets like Donuts, breads, bread rolls and muffins for retail stores such as spar and garage front yard stores.
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Njabulo Sithole began baking as a part-time hobby, but today his sweets reach the shelves of retail stores such as Pick n Pay, Spar, and various garage vestibular stores, with annual sales of over R3 million. increase.

Raspberry snow ball cake (included)

Raspberry snow ball cake (included)

Chocolate snow ball cake (included)

Chocolate snowball cake (included).



When Sithall discovered his passion for cooking, it all started as a small interest. He loves cakes and often finds himself at a local bakery in Durban, the biggest critic of backed merchandise.

“As a cake lover, every time I bought something in the store, I always found something I wasn’t happy with or wanted to change,” he said.

This allowed Sithole to try out some recipes and burn ideas at home.

“Every time I bought something like flour, I looked at the different recipes behind it, tried it out, and made it myself,” he said.

This also happened when the bakery worked for a British food processing company. When he returned to KwaZulu-Natal, his skills were refined and he was ready to dive into the world of baking.

To explore his talent, Sithall began baking cakes for his family during weddings and other family gatherings.

“My family and friends have begun to grow [an] I was interested and wanted to order it myself. It was when I started to realize that it could be a serious problem. ”

Two years later, 42 years old developed Bakers CreationsHowever, the idea came true only in 2014 in his own kitchen.

Sithall, who had a big vision but little money, didn’t start as big as he wanted. He put all his savings into the startup and wanted the best.

“From there I started to grow. I started selling cupcakes and muffins at a local school in the countryside.

“I started packing them in containers and giving them to my son for sale at school, and he would have been sold out before he arrived at school,” Sithall said.

Teachers at other local schools also ordered school events and other private celebrations. The business has begun to grow significantly.

“Some of the school kids will come back from school, bring me cakes, door-to-door sales in the neighborhood, and get a commission,” he said.

While his business was growing, Sithall quit his food processing job in the hope of investing the money he received in his business.

Unfortunately he didn’t receive anything, so he made a small investment he had to buy the equipment.

Baking equipment

Baking equipment (included)

Bakers Creationz Kitchen (

Bakers Creationz Kitchen (included)

“I would go to a closed local bakery and buy whatever they were auctioning,” he said.

For workspaces, Sithall approached owners of local businesses that are no longer in business.

Bakers Creations

Bakers Creationz (included)

He was fortunate enough to be able to operate in some of the stores. He later went to a large office.

As the business gained momentum, Sithole encouraged major retailers to supply a variety of sweets such as donuts, buns, bread rolls and muffins.

The first major retailers he supplied in 2014 were cash and carry in Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal. So far, retailers are Sithole’s largest independent customer.

The money from the partnership with Cash and Carry allowed him to buy a car for the company, and Sithole approached other major retailers, including Spar.

“They loved the quality of our products and we started to be their suppliers,” he said.

After being on the list of Spar’s suppliers, the company entered the Pick n Pay contest in 2016. In this contest, retailers were looking for small businesses that could become suppliers.

Bakers Creationz won the competition, but retailers were strict when it came to safety compliance.

Snowball cake (Bakers Creationz)

Snowball cake (Bakers Creationz)

Just before the official supply of chocolate, raspberry and vanilla snowball cakes to Pick n Pay, it took two years to finally get safety compliance.

Recently, the company has signed a contract to supply all three types of snowball cakes to Pick n Pay stores nationwide by the end of this year.

Pick n Pay stock (included)

Pick n Pay stock (included)

“It’s very busy, but at the same time exciting. It’s an exciting journey,” said the delighted Sithall.

Sithall is fortunate to be able to supply to major retailers such as Pick n Pay, but recognizes the difficulty of achieving such goals. Some of that would not have been possible without the R250,000 funding he received. SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Program..

The Sithall could also use the money to upgrade the bakery’s power equipment and its security system and install ventilation.

Prior to joining the program, Sithole had 15 employees and sales of R $ 1.6 million. Today, the company employs a total of 22 full-time members and has annual sales of over Ran 3 million.

Other large companies that get sweets from Bakers Creationz today include Pick n Pay Express, BP, Total, and Engen garages around Durban.

Bakeries Creations Cupcakes (included)

Bakeries Creations Cupcakes (included)

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This bakery sold muffins to school kids – now Pick n Pay wants their snowball cake

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