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Tiger Woods described his first round of golf in 508 days as painful and positive after hitting the opening round at 1 under 71 on the Masters on Thursday and in the battle for the sixth green jacket to equal the record.

Fourteen months after a life-threatening car accident, there is still a long and painful road ahead for the 46-year-old if he is to recover from the Jack Nicklaus Masters.

To do so, he will have to negotiate three more penalty rounds in Augusta National’s wavy organization as well as hours of ice baths and physical therapy. But that’s the price he has to pay for playing on a crooked right foot that doctors had considered taking off.

“If you had seen what my leg looked like where it is now, the pictures – some of the boys know it,” said Woods, after a painful ring that left a smile on his face, leaving only four of Im’s leaders behind. Sung-jae. “They have seen the pictures and they have come over to the house and they have seen it. “Seeing where I have been, getting here and there, it was not an easy task. “People have no idea how difficult this has been.

In a spectacular process that includes 15 major titles, Woods has made it look far too easy on the golf course.

Much of Thursday often seemed like a lot of work, with the former top world champion limping from time to time and frowning through the ring, but there were also moments when Woods turned back the clock.

At par 3-16, he rolled a monster 8.8-meter bird putt and celebrated with a fist pump that brought a loud roar from the worshiping crowd and echoed through the Georgia pines.

“Some days are easier than others,” Woods admitted.

“Some days we work hard and other days we don’t, but we always do something. “It’s a commitment to get back to the point where I think I can still do it. “I did something positive today. “I could end up in the red. I’m where I need to be. “

The day was not over for Woods when he returned his scorecard. In fact, this was just the beginning as the Woods team was preparing to rebuild it for Round Two on Friday. “Many treatments,” Woods said. “Lots of ice baths. Just actually freezing me to death.

“It simply came to our notice then. “And catch all the inflammation as well as we possibly can and bring it to a mobile phone and heat up, activate and explosives for the next day. “I’m going to be hurt, it’s just that.

Tiger ready for pain recovery after pleasure from Masters – SABC News

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