TikTok married after two children died while seeking ‘challenge’

TikTok has been the subject of a lawsuit following the deaths of two American girls who were reportedly trying to “challenge” the app.

Such as Time LA8-year-old Lalani Erika Walton and 9-year-old Arriani Jaileen Arroyo died after trying viral challenges of participants trying to harass themselves into the unknown.

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The publication reports that TikTok is awaiting the death penalty filed on Friday, July 1 in the Los Angeles Supreme Court. Like the uniforms, which were filed by an organization called Social Media Victims Law Center, the video content app prompted Lalani and Arriani to videotape the dangerous virus system and did not provide adequate protection for the girls or their parents. okay.

In the case of Lalani, her mother-in-law discovered a sore throat, which she described as a failed fall. He reportedly spent several hours at TikTok and posted several more videos about himself dancing and playing music.

It was in July 2021 that his algorithm began to unveil a video of the challenge of silence a month later, after a 20-hour trip with her grandmother, Lalani tried the practice while her mother-in-law was asleep. When her mother-in-law got up, she went to Lalani’s room and found the girl “with a rope around her neck.”

According to the outfit, Lalani is under the impression that if she posts a video of herself posing as a firefighter, then she will be a celebrity.

“He does not appreciate or understand the dangerous nature of what TikTok encourages him to do.”


On 21 February 2021, Arriani and his brother Edwardo were playing when he realized he was not moving. After running to tell their father, Arriani’s father found his daughter to be “tied to a family dog.”

The little girl was taken to hospital and placed in a ventilator, but it was too late because she reportedly stopped all of her brain function.

“TikTok products and its algorithms led to a huge risk in video and food Arriani encourages her to participate in the TikTok Blackout Challenge,” the lawsuit read.

Other children have died after trying TIKTOK

Unfortunately, the TikTok challenge has resulted in the deaths of other children. Nylah Anderson, 10, accidentally hanged herself at her family home as she tried to imitate the system.

Other children in Italy, Australia, Colorado and Oklahoma were also killed.

“TikTok is clearly aware that the deadly Blackout challenge is spreading through their applications as well as their algorithms that provide children with a specific Blackout challenge,” the lawsuit said.

“The company knows or should know that failure to act quickly and dramatically to stop the spread of the deadly Blackout Challenge will lead to injury and death, especially among children.”

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TIKTOK says it has prevented a challenge

In response to the lawsuit, a TikTok spokesman told him The Washington Post and the challenge is not out of the app, adding that the company has blocked the hashtag #BlackoutChallenge from its search query.

The troublesome “challenge”, which people seem to be learning from sources other than TikTok, already exists before our platform and has never done TikTok before.

The spokesman said, “We are careful with our commitment to the safety of users and we will remove related content immediately if it is found.”

TikTok married after two children died while seeking ‘challenge’

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