TNS arrested-“I’m not even afraid of prisons”

TNS It was reportedly arrested and mishandled by South African police officers last night.

The DJ was said to have shared a video clip of the arrest scene on Facebook, but it has been removed.

“I asked the officers why they were messing with ours, what did we do? I wasn’t even drinking or driving. I’m afraid of prison Not even, I’m from Kwamash, “he exclaimed.

The music producer promised to be legal against them, but he insulted them in a van and abused him innocently.

“He handled me by hand and broke my chain. I sue them for this.”

TNS He’s been on the road since the blockade of the country was eased from one gig to another, but he’s been through a series of encounters.

A few days ago, he reportedly threatened fans at an event with police.

“I was invited by Zodowa Wabantu and her crew. After the performance, I headed for the car, but the fans blocked my way,” he said.

“I don’t know why they’re doing this because I played and the people were happy. As you can see, they’re blocking my path and won’t let me go.”

“I threatened to call the police, but then they released me. I think I should be more careful next time,” he added.

TNS arrested-“I’m not even afraid of prisons”

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