Tom’s 19-hour journey train-hopping across the Sahara

A travel blogger He has documented his journey across Mauritania in west Africa after jumping a train on the 704 kilometer stretch of railway.

The railway starts in the country’s mining center Zouérat and connects to the port city of Nouadhibou, carrying iron ore for export around the world.

The route is popular with adventure tourists and Tom from traveltomtom.com explained that he hired a local member to help with the trip – who provided equipment including goggles, sleeping bags and protective clothing.

Tom told SWNS: “The Mauritanian Iron Ore train was an incredible and unique travel adventure that left me both excited and a little nervous at times.

“After traveling the world continuously for almost 10 years now, unfortunately, I don’t often get excited anymore.

“Just before jumping on the train, I felt the adrenaline rush through my body, it was an amazing feeling!

“As an avid content creator, in the first hour of the trip I felt the need to take as many videos and photos as possible, but it quickly dawned on me that this adventure was about more than that.

“For some reason it was a relaxing experience where I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

“The train ride through the Sahara Desert was never boring, even when the wind picked up at night and the temperature dropped significantly.

“Survival mode on and make sure you get through these cold hours and make it to the sunset.

Tom explained that this trip is accessible to regular travelers and his wealth of experience helped him a lot and he managed to ask for help from the locals on the trip.

He quit his job in 2012 to become a full-time travel blogger who set up his website and has since traveled to 138 countries.

He said: “The journey started with a passion for travel and that is still the main inspiration these days to explore the world, 10 years after it started.

“After several one-year tours around the world in the years 2006 – 2010, I resigned again in December 2012.

“I saved enough money to travel for a few years on a budget

“As the world is slowly opening up now I like to visit countries I haven’t been to so far and most of them are in Africa.

“So next year you can expect many more trips to lesser-known countries in Africa: Libya, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo DRC as part of my upcoming travel plans and I’m excited to show my social media followers what life is like out there.”

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Tom’s 19-hour journey train-hopping across the Sahara Source link Tom’s 19-hour journey train-hopping across the Sahara

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