Top 5 must-see winter destinations

For most South Africans, traveling by car, caring for the wind, and on the road to life in some of South Africa’s most beautiful, scenic destinations is not as appealing as it is during the warmer summer months. However, there really is something to be said, however, when traveling in the winter, some of the advantages include cheaper accommodation and winter specialties, less crowded destinations, and flickering fires in cozy cabins with hot comfortable food.

Below are our 5 main routes to consider for your winter destinations:

1. Coastal route

Known for its magnificent beaches, malaria-free parks and reserves, wildlife and proud heritage and culture, the Eastern Cape offers tourists everything from gentle flower trails, heritage museums, playgrounds and parks to extreme sports. The coastal route covers the entire length of the Eastern Cape Province, which stretches across numerous districts, including the beautiful wild coast, which is beautiful during the winter months when the temperatures are mild and the rare landscapes are most beautiful.

Travelers can enjoy activities such as winter hiking, horseback riding, flying fishing and mountain biking on the wild coast, as well as the Amathol Mountains, which stretch from Stutterheim in the west to Adelaide in the east, among many other great attractions. .

2. Malot Drankensberg Route

Malot-Drakenberg Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

It is a breathtaking destination in the Kingdom of Lesotho, with its highest peak in South Africa (and the highest in southern Kilimanjaro), as well as some of the oldest rock carvings in South Africa, some of which date back 27,000 years. Art is refined in both detail and depth of meaning, with images of animals being the main symbolic element. It is mainly found in caves and on ridge rock roofs. On this route, travelers can enjoy the beautiful hike of the mountains when the peaks are not covered with snow and avid fishermen can enjoy top class trout fishing in one of the most pristine and untouched places in the country. Do not forget to pack your passport!


Spring in Clarence - Free State

“This beauty is located a three-hour drive from Johannesburg and lies within the foothills of the Malute Range, the charming little village of Clarence, nicknamed”.Free State JewelryOverlooking fertile farmland amid stunning landscapes, Lesotho, a mountain kingdom, can be seen from afar. The nearby Golden Gate Highlands National Park is named for its unusual sandstone cliffs that turn golden at sunset and are a must-see while on this side. Considering the beauty of the environment, Clarens has become a haven of tranquility for artists, solitude seekers and nature lovers, both from South Africa and beyond. It offers a variety of outdoor activities such as birds, hiking trails, horseback riding, 4 × 4 trails, trout and bass fishing, golf, tennis, pumpkin, cups and clay pigeon shooting.

However, it should be emphasized that you should be prepared for this, as it is quite cold, but the days are mostly filled with the warm rays of the winter sun and spectacular views await you at every step. In a wooden cabin, for lovers of crackling fire and wool blankets this route is a must!

4. Elephant Coast Route

Elephant Coast, South Africa Custom Travels Audley Travel

The warm, temperate climate of the KwaZulu-Natal coastline is a perfect place to enjoy the winter sunlight and the elephant coastal route is our choice for this region.

The route stretches from St. Lucia in the south to the Gulf of Kos in the north to the Lubombo Mountains in the west and includes the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve. Although a relatively small area, it is not only the home of the traditional Big Five, but also offers everything that the Great St. Lucia Swamp Park has to offer, including whales, turtles, protected reefs and a pristine, protected coastline. A world-famous area with conservation, unspoiled deserts and unparalleled diversity, a huge variety of habitats and ecosystems are interconnected and interconnected, creating a place where visitors can truly choose. This route is amazing, winter is never cold. And temperatures rarely fall below 17 ° C during the day. Warm coats are recommended in the morning or evening during the game.

5. RIXILE CULTURE to Kruger Route

Rixile Culture Kruger Route in Kruger National Park, Falaborough and Guyana Limpopo (GL)

Anyone who has ever traveled to Limpopo knows a few things: its beauty is unlike anywhere else in South Africa, it is warm almost all year round and you can buy lots of trucking products like dried mango and macadamia nuts for an absolute bargain. ! But the delicious local produce is not all that this lush province has to offer its guests. On the way to the Kruger route along the Rixile culture, travelers will pass through the towns of Falaborva and Gianni and realize that there is plenty of fun in these ancient lands.

Winter is one of the best times to see the game in the nearby Kruger National Park, when the grass is low and the water holes are sparse, which attracts a large number of wildlife. Starting with star-studded evening evenings and ending in the desert with hiking trails on the Oliphant River, followed by a traditional South African leek Bray (Barbecue) On the river bank, it does not get much better. Here, start planning … you will not regret it

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Top 5 must-see winter destinations

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