Top 9 Advantageous Places for a First Date

As a rule, the purpose of the first date is to strengthen the won positions, get closer to a lady,and, most importantly, not to spoil anything. So don’t mumble “Let’s go somewhere” or “Where do you want to go?” It is you who sets the rules, which means you should always keep in mind a few original ideas about where to ask a girl out.

3 budget but effective first date options

It is always possible to organize something spectacular without heavy expenses. Let’s consider how to make an impression on a woman affordably.

Tea ceremony

Invite a girl for a cup of tea in the cozy atmosphere of a tea ceremony. By the way, in the old days, such pleasure was available only to members of the imperial families. Today, even a plumber can spend time with his ladylove “like an imperial”. For 1.5-2 hours of the tea ceremony, you will truly relax and, most importantly, feel how quickly, easily, and naturally your rapprochement takes place. This is the magic of tea!

Rooftop picnic

If you know the locations of open roofs in your city (if you don’t know – ask the roofers), bring a bottle of champagne, two glasses and take a girl to admire the sunset and panoramic views of the city. At the same time, don’t forget the safety rules.

Nature-inspired date

If the roofers refuse to yield up the locations, you can arrange a picnic in the bosom of nature –in a park or on the edge of a forest. Checkered groundclothand sandwich basket will make up your entire investment. And what dividends you can derive from this depends on your communication skills.

3 ideas for an unforgettable romantic first meeting

If your girlfriend is of romantic blood, plunge her into the world of girlish dreams and fantasies, but just without fanaticism. You’re responsible for what you have tamed, do you remember?

Horse riding

You can make the popular fantasy of a prince on horseback come true with the help of hippodromes or horse farms. Let your first date pass to the clatter of hooves and a breath of wind, and you will forever remain in the memory of your sweetheart as a charming prince.

Head in the clouds

Give her the dream of millions of girls – to hit the skies and touch the clouds. You will definitely see the amorous glance of a girl after such an air walk, unless, of course, she suffers from acrophobia – an obsessive fear of heights.

Under the stars

A date under the stars is an undying classic. And a new level of this classic is a meeting in the planetarium, where you will have an opportunity to observe thousands of stars, planets, and galaxies. This is a great option for a date in bad weather.

3 date options to get to know a girl better

If you are counting on a panoramic perspective of a relationship with a girl, give her a real test drive. Yes, right from the start. There’s no time to waste.

Quest room

Adventure game not only draws you together but allows you to look at a potential partner from a different angle – how she thinks and reflects, how emotional and temperament she is, and whether she is capable of giving in or always tries to dominate. Thus, at the end of the quest, you will learn much more about the girl than if you met in a cafe or cinema. In addition, many ladies like this kind of entertainment, especially young women from the


This is a great way to remove barriers and bring a girl out into the open.After all, she will not be able to sit with her legs crossed all the time. Willy-nilly, the lady will have to open up and lose control of her acting skills. In the meantime, try to observe her behavior and evaluate the degree of her open-mindedness, enthusiasm, ability to learn new things, flexibility and plasticity, attitude to alcoholic beverages, etc.


Do you want to find out what reserve of kindness, compassion, and participation your chosen one has? Offer her to visit the place of all the homeless and abandoned – children, old people, or animals. Volunteering in such an institution is not only a plus to your karma but also a great opportunity to test the girl for the factor of humanity.

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