Tough mothers Brass and Nixon are keen to crack Dushi in 2022

Former surf ski racing world champion Haley Nixon, who recently gave birth to her first child, will be with Hillary Brass, her 2020 partner and mother of young children, from February 17-19, 2022. I vowed to return to the Dussi Canoe Marathon in the race.

Their last effort against Dushi was a momentary decision, which came a few days before Nixon learned that his daughter Emma was pregnant. The improvised K2 crew only sat together on the boat for the first time two days before the start of the 2020 race.

Not raising their Dusi hope

Their 5th place finish was a show two years ago and Nixon is very competitive and motivated given the current situation where they know they need to be realistic about expectations. I have.

“We were supposed to paddle the fish together, but things didn’t go well, so we then decided to do something good for Duci,” Nixon said.

“The situation has definitely changed. As an athlete, you have found that you are very selfish and that training is on your list of priorities when you have children.

“There are also compromises that must be made in marriage. If Paul wants to go fishing, I know I have to stay home with Emma.

“Now it just allows me to train smarter,” she added.

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Since the pair are more than 200km apart, there were some difficulties in getting the training system in place, but I try to meet twice a week to start the session in the next three months before the race starts. increase.

“I’m still coaching, so it’s difficult, and Hillary works full-time, so I had to plan to meet, but I’m still rowing surf skis, so I’m training. ..

“Emma is also my Dushi boat when I go for a run, so I’m working on porting,” she laughed.

By rowing the race together, the pair can better understand what they can achieve, and Nixon understands that she is in good hands.

“It’s very easy to sit behind a boat behind Hills,” she commented. “We also know what to expect from the race and will try to take as many trips and trainings as possible before the race.”

Tough mothers Brass and Nixon are keen to crack Dushi in 2022

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