Toyota cuts April output by 150,000 units

Toyota announced several days of non-production in April at five Japanese assembly plants, citing a shortage of Covid-19-related parts.

Wounds are affected by:

TMC Tsutsumi plant Line 2: April 4 and 5; Toyota Corolla Sport and Camry

TMC Tahara Factory Line 3: April 4 and 5; Lexus LS, IS, RC, F, NX

Toyota Motor Kyushu Miyata Factory Line 1: 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 11, 18, 19 April; Lexus NX, NX PHEV, CT, UX, UX BEV

Line 2: April 1; Lexus ES and RX

Toyota Motor East Japan Iwate Factory Line 1: April 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12; Toyota CH-R, Aqua

Line 2: April 16, 23; Toyota Yaris, Yaris Cross

Toyota Motor Body Fujimatsu Factory Line 2: April 1, 4; Toyota Noah, Voxy

A statement from Toyota said: “We. Have repeatedly made adjustments to our production plans due to a shortage of parts caused by the Covid-19 spread, which is causing significant inconvenience to our customers and other stakeholders.

“Until now, we have been carrying out restoration work with the great efforts of various relevant parties, in order to deliver as many cars as possible to customers as early as possible. However, due to a shortage of parts, we had to make last-minute adjustments to production plans, and this placed a significant burden on manufacturing facilities, including suppliers.

“In these circumstances and in the light of the review of past events, we have revised the production plans in order to be more reasonable in line with the recent reality. Specifically, we have established a three-month period from April through June as a “deliberate pause” and will make plans based on the capabilities of suppliers’ staff structures and facilities.

“By doing so, we will create a healthy work environment that prioritizes safety and quality over overspending facilities, bringing people to the border and doing overtime work.” We then notify our suppliers of plans that include production reduction risks and other factors three months in advance, review production plans on a monthly and quarterly basis, and share those plans with our suppliers.

“Based on the above, our global production plan for April, including overseas production, is about 750,000 units (250,000 units in Japan and 500,000 units overseas). Although the number of units we supplied to our suppliers at the beginning of the year includes recovery from previous production reductions due to the impact of semiconductor shortages, we have [cut] Our production plan is approximately 150,000 units globally.

“The global production plan for April to June is about 800,000 units.

“Apart from the shortage of semiconductors, the spread of COVID-19 and other factors make it difficult to watch a few months ago, and there is a possibility that the production plan will be lower. However, we will continue to study parts delivery and the situation of suppliers in detail, making every effort to reduce the scope of sudden production reductions as much as possible in order to normalize the production plan and reduce the burden on suppliers.

“We also want to once again express our sincere apologies to the customers who were waiting for the delivery of the cars. By normalizing the production environment, we hope to deliver as many high quality vehicles as possible. “We will continue to make every effort with stakeholders, such as production, procurement and sales.”

Toyota cuts April output by 150,000 units

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