Tresor honored the release of Drake’s new album

Congolese-South African singer Tresor has been praised for his introduction to the latest American Hip Hop Drake album.

Drake, a well-known musician, released his 7thth album named IN FACT, THINKwonderful job no one expected.

This record is a challenge in his final year Certified Lover Boy library.

This new album includes fourteen songs by some of the world’s best producers including himself and manager Oliver El-khatib.

To complete his career, Drake added African flavors to the mix by collaborating on a Grammy winning Black Coffee award with French actor Tresor Riziki.

Entries from TRESOR and DRAKE’S ALBUM

As the new album began to make waves, Tresor went on social media to share his honor of working with the mega star.

“Thank you for finally sharing with me Drake and the new track for his new album,” Tresor said.

He added that he has worked with six songs. The duo have collaborated on songs 4, 8, 9, 11 and 12. Tresor also said he has also worked on vocals and three other songs. He says: “It is a great privilege to have the chorus of three songs.

Sondela-hitmaker humbly thanked Drake for believing in him.

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“Thanks to my brothers Drake and Oliver El-khatib, I am forever grateful for your kindness. Thank you for believing [in me]”He said.

South Africans have praised Tresor and Black Coffee for continuing to shine in the art and music of Africa.

Tresor honored the release of Drake’s new album

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