Troublesome C to retire from hip hop

In a recent interview Shizuwe Doromo In his podcast Troublesome C Being open about his plans to retire and businesses other than hip hop. Shizwe asked him how much he wanted rap, and his response was. “It’s not that long. I’m not rapping in my 40s. I’m not 36. 35 I think I’ll draw a line.”

Nasty has a seven-part podcast series centered around his third studio album, Zulu Man With Some Power. The podcast, named after the album, features a producer. Troy Taylor, J-Kit, Beat Butcher, Gemini Major.

He also hosts featured artists Lawlene and Tellaman, as well as Nasty C co-manager Yvette Gayle of Africa Creative Agency and Justin Duran, senior marketing director of Def Jam. The inspirational and informative podcast series also includes renowned DJs, Black Coffee and Whookid, radio and TV personalities, Sizwe Dhlomo, Kaz Skellington in Japan, MI Abaga in Nigeria, and Slikour in South Africa.

Durban-born star revolutionized sharing raw, unfiltered details about his life, origins, and interests in a Zulu Man With Some Power podcast hosted by television personality Moozlie. .. This work is sponsored by AMPD Studio, which is run by Old Mutual.

A 24-year-old kid made a beautiful set at Universal Music Studio, where the interview was recorded.

“I am very grateful to all the people who have contributed to the creation of this podcast series. I had a great conversation with a lot of people I admire. I personally talk about them and, in the process, about myself. I’ve learned more. The podcast series gives fans a glimpse of what my life is and gives some of my own knowledge and experience about my particular music production process and how to handle my business. I will definitely tell you.
I’m looking forward to it, “Nasty C commented.
“As a corporate sponsor, through AMPD Studios, Old Mutual is pleased to be able to support NastyC and his seven-part podcast series. This partnership will work together for greater benefit and more ambitious. It’s a great example of helping artists share their wisdom to help amplify their musical and economic future. “
Brand, Old Mutual.

When we revised our Old Mutual Sponsorship Strategy in 2019 (to find ways to connect with our customers and harness their passion and interests), we have already begun our journey into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the digital world. did. Covid 19 emphasizes that we are on the right track, moving away from traditional sponsorship where branding and presence were important, to empower, excite and reach more people. We have shown how important migration is.

The digital world makes us make that positive difference,
It makes a positive future even more possible. Our support for Nasty C and his seven-part podcast series is just a good example of how to make the changing world work for the benefit and empowerment of all of us. She concluded.

The Zulu Man With Some Power podcast will be available on all streaming platforms starting Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 18:00.

You can catch it here:

  1. Official website of AMPD Studios
  2. Apple Podcasts Channel
  3. Spotify Podcast Channel
  4. YouTube channel (Nasty C)
  5. And all other podcast platforms

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Troublesome C to retire from hip hop

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