Tweeps are reacting to Somizi providing Khanyi flights with NYE

Tweeps on social media yesterday criticized actor Khanyi Mbau for allegedly not meeting him Dream Room star Somizi Mhlongo in Cape Town on New Year’s Eve after handing her a plane ticket.

This comes often Idols SA The judge revealed that he did not want anything to do with Khanyi Mbau and his family a real TV show.

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Supporters of Somizi Mhlongo and tweeps are sympathetic Dream Room Star has been accused by Khanyi Mbau of waking him up after he was offered a flight to Cape Town so that he would not be alone on a new night.

A campaign that seemed to cancel out her friend revealed in a show that she did not want to talk to Mbau again.

@ Apele80167523: “

“Maybe Somizi put everything down, but Khanyi didn’t fly. Cos he said he was looking forward to seeing him on New Year’s Eve but he was not there.”


“Somizi and Khanyi are friends.”

“Sgaxa I can’t wait for the event.”

@ katTshabalala1:

“So Somizi organized everything and Khanyi didn’t make it stand out?”

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Khanyi Mbau also made headlines in May when his brother Lasizwe Dambuza revealed at his Instagram Live party that he had fired his famous sister on Instagram.

Real star and actor Lasizwe Dambuza told his followers that he does not follow him because he does not get involved in his content.

He went on to Instagram with his Q&A session actually last week and explained that they were lost and that it was because they were busy.

“We are not so close anymore. This year really tested us as work at both ends got tired and we just didn’t have time to see each other like we did before, ”he said.

“Our relationship also kept us from seeing each other because during his vacation he would go to Dubai and during my vacation I would be in Cape Town.”

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Tweeps are reacting to Somizi providing Khanyi flights with NYE

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