Tweeps encourage Charlize Theron and his fundraiser

Tweeps have told South African-born Hollywood actor Charlize Theron not to donate money for the cause of the KZN floods to the government.

South Africans think the money should be donated to the global free agency Gift of the Givers but, due to their unparalleled record when it comes to investing in the Gift of the Givers gifts in a positive way.

Theron started this to give money for the KZN flood-affected organization, Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP). The star shared a description of the organization that should donate money.

‘Do Not Give It to the SA Government’

Theron said they as CTAOP see the most important task as supporting their KZN partners in any crisis they face.

β€œNow the organizations in KZN are rocking, trying to support their community as much as they can, because the families affected need food, water and shelter.

“To provide immediate support and equipment to those in the region, CTAOP has created an easy way for anyone to donate. 100% of these funds will go directly to this endeavor – free of charge.”

Charlize Theron

South Africans feel that the South African Government should not be given one percent of these funds but rather the donations of donors.

It is feared that R1 billion from the National Treasury set aside for the flood zone in KZN will be looted by a team.

“Thank you very much. I would like to ask that if you give money, please do not do it with corrupt government. They will actually turn the money into Italian fashion and German cars. @GiftoftheGivers has been doing an amazing job. Give them the money instead, ”@OmrieCassiem tweeted.

“He has put in place a description of the organization people can donate. Nothing has been said about donating to the government, there is no real need for a statement telling people not to donate to the government. They will not go. People need help , has not changed its focus, ”@NgubaneSbo wrote in a tweet.

Tweeps encourage Charlize Theron and his fundraiser

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